Praise Reports and Prayer Request

Praise Reports and Prayer Request July 5, 2012

A reader writes:

About the beginning of this year I mentioned I was converting to the Catholic Church. That is still in progress, though progress has been made. It’s been a mixture of soul-wrenching agony, ecstacy, and mundane life, i.e. standard conversion fare.

In addition, I have discovered that what I thought was an ordinary pain that I have suffered from all my life was actually the symptoms of a major, chronic depressive disorder. I am currently switching antidepressants, which is just plain old FUN in the middle of a major life change.

(also, at a Fortnight for Freedom prayer service, I heard a sort of prayer/chant with a refrain ending in ‘Holy Church’. Any idea what this might be?)

Father, thank you for revealing yourself to my reader. Continue to guide and help your servant as he seeks to do your will through our Lord Jesus Christ. Grant him complete healing and the grace to bear his cross to the glory of your Name. Mother Mary and St. Paul pray for him.

Note to my reader: I don’t know what son you might have heard. Maybe a reader does.

Another reader writes:

A while ago I asked for prayers for a friend whose husband was having trouble finding work close to home. He received an offer from a local company, and starts next week. They could still use prayers for starting a family, but it will certainly be easier now that he’ll be able to stay in-state. Thanks to all for the prayers!

Father, thank you for hearing their prayers. Grant that they can start a family soon. We pray this through Christ our Lord. Amen. Mother Mary and St. Joseph pray for them.

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  • ds

    At the same time my wife was going through RCIA to join the church, and I was doing it with her to recommit myself and learn much of what I should’ve already known, we were suffering due to infertility. I was challenged by, but ultimately took great comfort from what the catechism says about infertility:

    Spouses who still suffer from infertility after exhausting legitimate medical procedures should unite themselves with the Lord’s Cross, the source of all spiritual fecundity.

    I have also struggled with depression for years. I know how awful and discouraging switching meds can be. Try to unite yourself through this suffering to the Lord’s Cross. I believe this may help greatly to give you peace and hope through this time of great suffering, and that seeing your suffering is not useless pain but may actually unite you with the Lord’s suffering may help you with your conversion.

    As another challenged, depressed and medicated individual, I will pray for you and try to also to unite my suffering with Christ’s, and ask you to pray for me too. Thank you for your prayer request.