Bonchamps Offers a Very Respectable Catholic Case…

Bonchamps Offers a Very Respectable Catholic Case… August 16, 2012

…for supporting Romney. If I undersand him correctly, it boils down to “Obama is, unlike previous Democrats, an obvious and clear enemy of the Church and his war on the Church is a game changer.” I’m refreshed that he doesn’t try to pretend R2 are some sort of great ticket, merely that they suck less than the Tyrant and his vendetta against the Church.

Given that Ratzinger says that it is legit to vote for somebody who supports grave intrinsic evil if there is a proportional reason to do so, I can respect that. What I have not settled in my own mind is the question of whether Obama’s war on the Church is the game changer that makes a vote for the Plastic Android a valid proportional reason. But it is something I am mulling.

I’d be interested in hearing, particularly from people who share my skepticism about both parties, what they think of Bonchamps argument. Please, zealous partisans, let the folks who share my views speak and don’t suck all the oxygen out of the comboxes with partisan bickering.

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