Spambot Senseo Offers Its Thoughts on My Genius

Spambot Senseo Offers Its Thoughts on My Genius August 8, 2012

Whenever I feel down, I just go to the spam filter and there’s always a soulless robot there, trying to flatter me into clicking its link. I love flattery. It’s flattering. Spambot Senseo flatters me, saying:

What i do not understood is actually how you are not actually much more well-liked than you may be right now.

I know exactly how you feel–if you actually felt something. I don’t see why everybody doesn’t like me.

You are so intelligent.

Tell me more about Me.

You realize therefore considerably relating to this subject, produced me personally consider it from numerous varied angles.

You… might well be right about… whatever you just said. Anyway, we do agree that everybody needs to like me more and all that stuff about how intelligent I am was good too. So I’ll let it pass.

Its like women and men aren’t fascinated unless it is one thing to do with Lady gaga!

Yes! Why aren’t women and men fascinated? What’s the matter with them? And Lady Gaga! That’s what’s missing from my blog! The question is: *which* one thing to do with Lady gaga is missing? I think it’s her left eyebrow.

Your own stuffs nice.

Thanks. Your own stuffs nice your own self, spambot Senseo!

Always maintain it up!

Words to live by.

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  • DTMcCameron

    I would love it if our Future Robot Overlords couldn’t form coherent sentences. Should they be as bafflingly upbeat and complimentary as this program here, well that’d be just swell.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    The delightfully nerdy xkcd has been running a series of “what ifs.” My favorite so far has been this one: What if there was a robot apocalypse? How long would humanity last?

    This, combined with Mark’s spambots, tell the truth: the robot apocalypse would be over very quickly because all the robots would break down or get stuck against walls.

  • Cantorboy

    Spambots got nothin’ on hobbots:
    “I do not understand to how it may be of half of you half as well than you deserve should like; and like less than more than half of you not less of half as well as you deserve as you are so beautiful and intelligent.”