A message for those attempting to escape the Obama Epistemic Closure Bubble

A message for those attempting to escape the Obama Epistemic Closure Bubble September 21, 2012

Many Lefties still shotgun wedded to the abominable crime of abortion typically feel moral qualms about it (hence the “safe, legal and rare” attempt to paint lipstick on that moral pig). 30% of Dems oppose abortion and are discomfited by the zealous abortion-loving crazies who labored to cast the word “rare” out of the platform and celebrate child murder as a positive good while extending the middle finger to their anti-abortion Dem confreres and then jamming it in their eye in a vindictive act of attempted political suicide. These prolife Dems, like Republicans who feel they have to vote for Romney because the alternative is even worse, have tried to console themselves that some proportional reason (peace and justice) justified that.

Obama’s eagerness to murder civilians, women and teenagers without explanation or trial–and then label them “enemy combatants” after the fact constitutes the other upraised middle finger he is jamming in your other eye. To you I say what I say to the abused prolife spouses in the Romney camp: stop kidding yourself. He doesn’t care about you. He holds you and all you care about in contempt. Dump this clown.

Oh: and notice that this policy of unilateral and secret murder of foreigners is (signficantly) virtually the only part of Obama’s presidency that consistently gets either a pass or cheers from the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism (alleged advocates of “limited government”). Here’s reality: Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry vigilantism, not limited government and due process, is what many adherents of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism *think* is conservatism, cuz it’s all warlike and stuff and the Thing that Used to be Conservatism lives for and loves it some War on Terror (speaking of Epistemic Closure Bubbles). Many so-called conservatives *love love love* the idea of Caesar just up and ordering people to be killed. They love it so much, they don’t even mind much when Obama does it, as long as the person murdered is swarthy, has a funny middle eastern name, and lives in some Islamic craphole somewhere far away. It gives them a vengeful thrill like torture (that great CPAC laff line and applause-getter) does. And so they keep pretty quiet when the same unilateral murders are committed against teenagers, women, and sundry civilians who happen to be standing in the wrong place and Caesar patches it up declaring them guilty of something or other after the fact.

But then, we citizens put up with that, don’t we?

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Do not let yourself be bound again by a yoke of slavery.”

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