Low Income Writer Tin Cup Rattle

Low Income Writer Tin Cup Rattle September 12, 2012

“So Mark, I notice you haven’t posted as much this week.”

Yeah.  Between the wedding and its attendant expenses, plus travel, plus being on the road, plus I’m finishing up a book (Ignatius will be re-issuing By What Authority? Yay Ignatius!) plus I’m plowing through tons of old email and trying to get caught up on other projects since we are just barely keeping our noses above water financially, blogging is taking a hit.

So this week, I’m lighter  than usual on blogging.  There are a couple of issues I want to get to as soon as I can though.  But for now it has to wait.  I’m already behind.

If you think of it and you like this blog and the stuff I do, please consider throwing some shekels at the Donate button over there on the right rail.  We could really use it right now as we are just barely holding our own and I’m worried about how we will meet the bills this month. I know I shouldn’t worry, but I do. God bless you if you can help out.

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