Our Dear Good Friends the Saudis…

Our Dear Good Friends the Saudis… September 11, 2012

,,,remind us that 11 years after 19 terrorists from Saudi Arabia attacked us and sent us off on a war to bring freedom, democracy and equality to oppressed Muslim women, our efforts have helped to create a world were our dear good friends the Saudis can still have royalty who order lower class Egyptian woman to be literally horsewhipped ****500***** times for crossing them in s0me business dispute.  A brilliant outlay of blood and treasure our Ruling Classes have sent our children on.

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  • The art of diplomacy is saying “nice doggy” while you reach for the appropriate rock. So in the case of the Saudis, what’s the rock, how would it be successfully deployed, and how would we benefit from this change in policy?

    I have been seeking the answers to these questions for over a decade now. It is part of my private honoring of the victims of the 9/11 attack. I have had, at best, partial results that I am not satisfied yet, certainly not good enough to recommend we stop saying “nice doggie” and implement them. So how did you pull it off and what’s your answer? I’m perfectly happy to learn of, and adopt, somebody else’s plan if it’s actually workable.

    • Ted Seeber

      There are two potential Rocks that the Saudi Royal Family would be really vulnerable to, one of which the United States is reaching for, the other we have firmly in our grasp but because we’re Christians we are loath to use it:
      1. Development of a sufficiently energy dense, mass lightweight battery, enabling us to use Wind/Wave/Solar energy more efficiently and thus getting off the fossil fuel teat.
      2. Burrowing nuclear missiles, which would do the same as #1 at a great environmental cost by burning off what is left of their oil fields- making Saudi Arabia itself, and many of its member nations, uninhabitable to mammalian or reptile life for as long as the oil fire lasts.

      I personally want #1 to be the ultimate solution here. But there is a #3 that is coming within the next 100 years even if we do nothing:
      3. Rising oil extraction cost will choke off the market and cause them to fall back into the type of poverty that makes these immoral excesses impossible.

  • bob

    It’ll be interesting to see what things are like once the petroleum is burned up by the last giant American cars. When things run by oxcart again or hi tech batteries the mideast will still have what it had before internal combustion came along: sand, camels and Islam. No one will answer their calls anymore, it will be as though the 20th century never happened over there. There will be just as many Arab winners of Nobel Prizes as there ever were.

  • Joannie

    The Saudis actually have nothing to do with this in my opinion. The facts show us that this was an inside job because the buildings were brought down by controlled demolition, and the 7th building was “Pulled” by Larry Silverstein and it came down the way the Twin Towers did. Also people heard several explosions. And we know al Quaida was not behind it because it was created by the CIA in the late 70’s to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. Also Osama Bin Laden was not behind it he was dead before the attacks even happened.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      Wait, what? Do you really believe this? Whether or not the Saudis had anything to do with it is a matter of fact, not one of your opinion.

      The best explanation of the “inside job” nonsense is from a comedy article on Cracked (usually Cracked content alert): http://www.cracked.com/article_15740_was-911-inside-job.html