John C. is Perfectly Wright

John C. is Perfectly Wright October 15, 2012

To vote for Obama is neither American nor Catholic since “The HHS Mandate is burning the flag, using the Constitution as toilet paper, and trampling the crucifix all at once.”

And that’s not even counting Obama arrogating to himself the power to indefinitely jail or murder anybody on planet earth he, by his secret and royal will alone, deems to need it.

If you are an Obama supporter, how can you sleep at night? Don’t give me some song and dance about how Romney is worse. I’m not voting for Romney. You don’t have to vote for him either. But for heaven’s sake, stop selling your soul for this tyrannical man. You know it’s wrong. So vote for somebody you will not feel ashamed of supporting and stop being a slave to the party system. When enough people do *that* you will actually see the Hope and Change you got sold like a bill of goods in 2008. Don’t be a sucker. Don’t get played again.

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  • So vote for somebody you will not feel ashamed of supporting and stop being a slave to the party system. When enough people do *that* you will actually see the Hope and Change you got sold like a bill of goods in 2008.

    No you won’t, for 5 simple reasons.

    1) the system is too big now – Leviathan is out of control, and no one man can possibly change its direction except Jesus Himself (and even then I’d bet he would have to do a “smite all” and start over) – yes that includes Ron Paul, much as I think he would be better than most, he wouldn’t be able to do much.
    2) it’s been this way forever – since humanity started gathering together, for thousands and thousands of years and nothing will really change tomorrow because…
    3) we only have sinners to vote for – all men are fallen and we only have men to vote for
    4) all men are mortal – so even if we found the best person ever to vote for, eventually he’ll leave office, and we’ll be back to where we started, which means…
    5) the quoted part is exactly the problem to begin with – the idea that “if we get the right lizard in, then all will be well”. Remember that a common point of CS Lewis was that bigger could be worse or better. Only men (not animals) could commit atrocities. Only angels (not men) could become demons. Likewise, while a larger system/government may be able to do more “good” it can also do more evil. Conversely a smaller, limited system/government may not do much good, but it will do far less evil as well.

    The only Hope and Change anyone can get is what we ourselves – as individuals, as Christians – bring to the world with hopefully our Master’s blessing. (like one of my favorite stories, the Christmas truces) Anything else will always fail at best, backfire at worst.

    • You may deal in words but your math sucks. You may posit that the probable likelihood of reaching the critical mass Mark outlines is limited by fallen humanity, but your math sucks.

      (And to pick up on an old topic, the problem, as a progression, is that Luther introduces a hermanuetic of doubt which prompts Descartes to reduce reality to axioms which Newton then reduced to a series of mathematical propositions, which Leibniz desacralised, and Marx fully secularised. Locke and Voltaire are just a whistlestop along this progression, but abstraction leads to inhuman terror. This is why your revolutionaries were as wrong as the French and Russians. It is a return to reality as a lived experience, not a proposition or idea, that will save us.

      Or in short, all men are screwed. Moderns are screwed in the most effficient way possible.)

      • Crap on a Cracker! My computer just posted that of its own accord before I could add my final quote from Benedict XVI

        “We have come to know and to believe in the love God has for us. We have come to believe in God’s love: in these words the Christian can express the fundamental decision of his life. Being Christian is not the result of an ethical choice or a lofty idea, but the encounter with an event, a person, which gives life a new horizon and a decisive direction. Saint John’s Gospel describes that event in these words: “God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should … have eternal life” (3:16). In acknowledging the centrality of love, Christian faith has retained the core of Israel’s faith, while at the same time giving it new depth and breadth. The pious Jew prayed daily the words of the Book of Deuteronomy which expressed the heart of his existence: “Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God is one Lord, and you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul and with all your might” (6:4–5). Jesus united into a single precept this commandment of love for God and the commandment of love for neighbour found in the Book of Leviticus: “You shall love your neighbour as yourself” (19:18; cf. Mk 12:29–31). Since God has first loved us (cf. 1 Jn 4:10), love is now no longer a mere “command”; it is the response to the gift of love with which God draws near to us.”
        —Deus Caritas Est, 1

        And quit using thesauri. You are contributing to the destruction of your language by conflating words with similar meanings as meaning the same thing. A belief is not an idea. Learn the difference, for the good of your own civilisation.

        • Zeki, feel free to post again when you sober up.

          • Mark,

            Even though Nate’s comment might not meet your standards, I would beg you to leave it. Mature, educated people recognise when a young man is on the ropes and lashing out…

            • Nate,

              To clear up confusion, I have to be on a truck at 8am, to fill in for a guy whose wife is having an unscheduled C-section. My window for drinking, therefore, was 8am Eastern Standard Time this morning. That’s 12 hours 50 minutes previous. I was on a truck until 4am this morning.

              In order to still be mildly intoxicated, I would have had to consume roughly 16-17 drinks, in a 3.5 hour window (allowing for my half hour trip by motorcycle through rain this morning in order to get home.)

              If your comment didn’t insinuate I am failing in upholding my professional standards, I would let it pass without comment to you, as otherwise it would be beneath my dignity.

              • Zeki, I don’t know your life, your work schedule or anything else, so my comment wouldn’t insinuate anything about your professional standards without background knowledge about your life. Which (now try and follow me here) I don’t know about, nor do I care (especially since you could make up anything – though there can be an argument made that you are slacking on your professional standards by interneting while at work and/or bringing up your work to strangers as well as using it to score cheap debate points – pointless when there is no time limit and the internet doesn’t go anywhere).

                Fine, you’re sober. That just means you have no hope of writing coherently, so debate is pointless. You “win” by being such a poor sport, nobody bothers playing. Congrats, enjoy the echo chamber.

                • Dave G is in your corner, solidly, but he is a well educated fellow. Even though he will likely disagree with my conclusions, you might ask him to explain to you what I mean.

                  And note bene, I have never treated you, specifically, with less than respect. I have said horrible things to all sorts of people over all sorts of topics. But not you. I have shared with you the Social Encyclicals of the Popes. I have tried to explain to you why abstractions are not a solid basis for building a human society, and why the faces in front of you are. Nothing more.

                  • That’s because you aren’t a catechised catholic, and don’t pretend to be. Holding you to that standard would just be wrong.

                  • I have tried to explain to you why abstractions are not a solid basis for building a human society, and why the faces in front of you are. Nothing more.

                    You haven’t explained (much less tried) anything. Though I’ll be interested in how reducing government so that it has to deal with people less as abstractions and more with their faces (because it’s small and local) means I’m somehow advocating the opposite.

                    Not to mention that the lack of concrete examples (with a few notable exceptions) make it all meaningless. Rather like being a roadtrip with someone and they say, “We shouldn’t go to Florida. Let’s go to Spain!” “Great idea! Which direction is it?” “I dunno.” “Well how do we get there?” “Dude, stop going to Florida, let’s go to Spain!” “Where is it?” “Look, we just need to go to Spain, Florida sucks.” Or like telling someone that their math sucks without ever bothering to post where their proofs or formulas went wrong. On the internet, your assertions carry no more weight than anyone else (even me).

  • beccolina

    How long have you been waiting to use that title for a post, Mr. Shea?