Romney to Prolifers: I Smack You Around Because I Love You, Baby

Romney to Prolifers: I Smack You Around Because I Love You, Baby October 10, 2012

Latest bulletin to the prolife movement that this utter fake doesn’t give a rip about you or the unborn and delivers casual slaps in their faces because he knows he can:

As if further evidence were needed, pro-lifers just received another reality check that Mitt Romney doesn’t give a discarded gray hair for their cause.  He toldThe Des Moines Register today that “there’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

Damage control was immediate, no surprise, and I doubt pro-lifers will abandon him for this remark.  His opponent’s a real believer in reproductive rights, so Romney can flip-flop and self-contradict and play the moderate here and still appear preferable to their eyes.

We voters can be so easy to manipulate.

What incidents like this–and Romney’s partying at the home of the morning after pill manufacturer, and Romney bare-faced lie that he governed as a prolifer, and Romney’s statement that he supports abortion “for the health of the mother” (i.e. always), and Romney’s surrogates assuring us that he won’t do a damn thing about Roe–what all these incidents mean is that Romney knows that prolifers pose no challenge to him whatsoever and will bend over for whatever betrayals he chooses to dish out–and like it.  “Prolife” leaders act like enabling abused spouses, always afraid he will abandon us, always angry at family members who try to warn us the guy has no respect for us, always ready to blame the ‘troublemakers” in the prolife movement for lack of loyalty to Romney instead of taking a rolling pin to the philandering duplicitous creep who is making exceedingly clear he is going to stab us in the back.

It really is like an abusive marriage.  Prolifers should be threatening this guy within an inch of his political life right now and putting the fear of God into him if he betrays them–threatening to walk out, take the kids, and make life a living hell for him if he pulls this crap one more time.  Instead, they are groveling to him as though they are his slaves and not he their job applicant.  Yeah.  I get it.  Obama hates prolifers.  So what?  Why does that mean we give Romney a pass instead of laying down the law with him?  This is the moment in his career where he is most vulnerable to pressure.  So apply pressure and extract from him the policy proposals we want. Threaten to destroy his party in the midterms if he sleeps around behind your back. Stop shushing people who are warning about what a fraud this guy is when he blathers about his “conversion”.  Stop being played.

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