The Concept Art That Killed “Jurassic Park IV”

The Concept Art That Killed “Jurassic Park IV” October 10, 2012

Sometimes extinction is a terrific idea.

Human-dino hybrids. Urk.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    I agree with you… Urk! is right!

  • James H, London

    Not Urk, but Uruk! Uruk-Hai, to be precise…

    Yes, one idea that’s better extinct.

  • victor

    Resident Dino…

    • Tim in Cleveland

      Wasn’t that called “Dino Crisis”?

  • Chris M

    Still better than Phantom Menace. Or Crystal Skull.

    • Dan Berger

      A test pattern is still better than Phantom Menace. Or Crystal Skull.

  • beccolina

    Really cool concept art though! I agree with the author at the link: it’s a terrible Jurrasic park idea, but not necessarily a bad idea. With the right script, I’d watch human-dino hybrid mercs.

    • DTMcCameron

      That has all the makings of a terrible ‘SyFy’ picture.

      • beccolina

        We could ask James Cameron to pull out another round of dusty, over-done sci-fi tropes, package them in star power and good special effects and make millions on it.

  • That’s strange looking.

  • Margaret

    Imagine the orthodontia bills…

  • MikeTheGeek

    Cool take on the zombie theme – unstoppable swarms of hybrids that are physically superior and, presumably, carry guns. (Looking at the artwork, some modifications to the trigger guards might be necessary.)

    Plot? Hmmm…. Turns out they’ve been concealing egg farms from their human overlords and feeding the young on homeless people. Turns out the females can each lay a dozen eggs a year, and the young mature in two. Now they have an army of tens of thousands of supersoldiers and began taking territory, laying more eggs, and siezing control from their hated overlords – us. The last stand of humanity is the Japanese home islands where – fortunately – Godzilla is on our side. Cue dino-fu, burning cardboard cities, comprehensive carnage, and giant barbecue. Ending – giant lizard walking into the sea at sunset as a thousand Japanese children sing, “Sayonara, Godzilla!”

    • Dan Berger

      Like Like Like Like Like

  • Tim in Cleveland

    I’m thinking that this would be better as a “prequel but not a prequel” to Jurassic Park with a return of the original director, Stephen Spielberg. As such it shouldn’t be called “Jurassic Park” but named after a greek god… maybe “DINOnysius”… It will get everyone extremely hyped and then massively disappoint when it comes out.

    Furthermore, the plot must make no sense and all the characters must run only in straight lines. A different yet similar take on the classic “water ripples” scene from Jurassic Park should also be included (maybe ripples in coca-cola).

    It should also start out with religious themes which the movie will completely abandon as it progresses. Some of the human characters will be turned into dinosaur hybrids somehow (I suggest a mysterious black goo) and these hybrids of course are blood thirsty and hate humans (it is crucial to the film not to say why).

  • Thinkling

    Steroids, we wantsssss it!

  • Joachim

    I’ll show you the orthodontia bills when you show me the dentist who’s foolish enough to work for them.