Seattle Attorney Time Travels

Seattle Attorney Time Travels October 10, 2012

to Gettyburg Address and Lincoln’s assassination.

I completely believe every word.  Time travel has been around for 40 years–or 150 years depending on what you mean by “been around”.  And Time Travel always places the subject right at the moment of immensely important historic events, and never in a dental office in Poughkeepsie on a Tuesday in 1956.  In the same way, past life regression always reveals that the subject was Nefertiti or Napoleon and never some illiterate toothless German peasant who farted and told rude jokes and then died from an infected toe when  he was 18.

Mostly, as I look at the incredibly windy accounts our Hero gives of himself (including one Youtube interview that is a whopping *six hours* long) I find myself thinking that the most useful thing time travel would allow me to do is get to the end of all the amazingly lengthy YouTube yarns this guy spins.

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