Clueless FOX Talking Hairdos…

Clueless FOX Talking Hairdos… November 29, 2012

…utterly fail to grasp Anthony Esolen’s point:

So they cut him off and gave him the boot. Something the Thing That Used to be Conservatism’s Entertainment Disinformation Complex does a lot to Catholics who use their heads. Esolen, who is a fine Catholic writer, was seriously suggesting that happiness could be found outside the machine of the Xmas manufacturing system that drives Black Friday and similar expressions of American economic dementia. Waaaay off message. Go to commercial!

What’s equally hilarious is that Mediaite, while reveling in the chance to score off ideological enemy FOX, quite obviously has absolutely no clue what Esolen is doing either.  The man is a total enigma to left and right.  In other words, a sane Catholic.

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