Happy News on the HHS Front!

Happy News on the HHS Front! November 1, 2012

First, Frank Weathers get double plus points for the Schoolhouse Rock reference. Second, the HHS get serious minus points from a Michigan court and an injunction against it freezes it in its tracks. May it get so bogged down in the courts that it is never implemented and may our Tyrant King’s efforts to fight for it tie up all his time and energy and come to nothing. God grant that religious liberty become stronger than ever as a result of this challenge.

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  • Great to see. Even without the School House Rock reference. Bonus points for referencing that great song – being the son of a railroad engineer, it always held a special place. So a great post all around!

  • Ashley

    This is going to be a fascinating case to follow. The central question will be whether the HHS mandate represents a compelling government interest, but there’s a bunch of other issues that involve uncharted or murky legal principles, such as which types of business have standing to oppose the mandate and if the mandate is minimally burdensome.

    I don’t think there’s any doubt that this case, along with the many other suits that have been filed, will end up with the Supremes, and it could really go either way. Judge Cleland affirmed that for me in this decision: “Neither Plaintiffs nor the Government have shown a strong likelihood of success
    on the merits.”

  • Josee Turner

    Moving forward on clarifying this case is mandatory no matter what happens with the election to stop future power grabs. Thanks be to God, but we continue to fight the good fight.Thanks for the news!

  • Mark G.

    Well said, Mark. From your happy little typing fingers to God’s computer monitor in the sky.

  • Katie

    I think we’d all like to unpack some adjectives about the HHS Mandate.

    • Rosemarie


      Not to mention all the interjections we’re tempted to shout out over it.

      I just hope SCOTUS will quickly, quickly, quickly throw the mandate out.

      God bless America – Let freedom ring!

      (Just watched the Schoolhouse Rock DVD with my kids yesterday, so the songs are all still buzzing through my head.)