It Gets Better

It Gets Better November 1, 2012

Some of you may remember the huge push by advocates of the Awesomeness of Teh Gay to confront the vast epidemic of “bullying” we were assured was afflicting the gay community.  One of the iron laws to emerge from this latest fake dudgeonry was that any vocal advocate of the the “anti-bullying” fad is himself a bully (and often a curiously homophobic one).  Dan Savage proved it by shouting that some kids half his age who would not sit still while he trashed their faith were “pansies”.  Michael Signorile demonstrates it again by telling some gay Romney voter to kill himself:

Class with a capital KKK. Imagine what would happen if, say, Limbaugh told a gay voter he should commit suicide or be prohibited from voting. The shrieks of fake dudgeonry would surpass the fake dudgeonry over the honor of Sandra Fluke. Happily our state-run media is here to shield you from these untoward lapses by gay bullies and correct the impression that so many leaders in the gay community give of being intolerant fascists who would happily impose a police state in the service of their groins if they weren’t such a small minority that they can’t pull it off.

Still, it’s the thought that counts. And Michael Signorile is, unfortunately, characteristic of the intolerant bullying fascism that is, all too typically, the gay movement in Aemrica.

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  • Blog Goliard

    The only question I have about the various “anti-bullying” causes of the moment is this:

    Were they (ironically, but inevitably) taken over by bullies…or was it bullies who started them up in the first place?

  • Hey, I’m as homophobic as all get-out, but that guy didn’t tell that other guy to commit suicide. He conveyed his opinion that the other guy was committing (cultural) suicide voting Romney by sarcastically suggesting there were quicker ways to (literally) do it. He DID say the other guy shouldn’t be allowed to vote, but any talk-radio host would engage in the same sort of hyperbole to callers of the opposite opinion who seem kind of clueless.

    Not the same as Savage savaging young high school kids.

  • How good it is when brothers like Mark Shea and Andrew Sullivan can put aside their differences and embrace over their mutual dislike of Michealangelo Signorile. Oh wait … no … bad image.

  • I don’t know why for Savage to be a bully, homophobic bullying has to be some kind of highly suspect quasi mythical phenomenon. I saw it in college, I see it in the elementary school where I work, and it’s vicious and systematic.

    And the very real dudgeonry wasn’t over Sandra Fluke’s “honor,” it was over the simple misogyny of asking for a sex tape from and labeling a slut a woman who dared to speak up in public about what she believed were her sexual health needs.

    Just because the pelvic left is drunk on sin and power doesn’t mean the religious right is without sins or pathologies.

  • Mark R

    Bullying is learnt when a potential bully victim identifies to the bullies another victim odder than himself to deflect attention. Once the heat is off the first potential victim, he feels free to participate in bullying himself to concretise his non-victim status. (I was a potential victim, but I used to be funnier and made friends with the bullies in stead.)