I am SOOOOO happy this stupid election is over!

I am SOOOOO happy this stupid election is over! November 6, 2012

That’s all. Tomorrow begins the “find something else to talk about” phase, please God! If your candidate wins, congrats to you, my fellow American. If he loses, bear it manfully and remember God remains God. If it winds up being a repeat of 2000, God have pity on us and bring a decision quickly.

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  • Jen

    I’ll be glad when it’s over, too. Although, no matter who wins, I’ll be excoriated by the friends on whichever side lost, since everyone thinks I’m ‘throwing my vote to the other side’ for doing a write in. Sorry kids. Not voting between the ‘lesser of two evils’.

    On the bright side, I’m doing a presentation of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross this evening, and fully expect that by 7pm, my Twitter feed will have produced enough examples of at least the first few of the 5 stages of death/grief, that I’ll be able to use those examples in the presentation. Woot.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing for a month or two about how the election was stolen and that the nation is full of racists (if Romney wins) or “takers” (if Obama wins).

    • Ted Seeber

      Takers? Or Eugenicists?

  • It would be useful to contemplate what a republic is and the civic obligation required to make that system work. Your forefathers did it insufficiently and there’s a lot of deferred maintenance to be done. The information revolution can help. The systems to do so are only partially online. Don’t imagine that a vote every x years is being a good citizen. It is not. That does not fulfill the political system’s design specification.

    It is exactly these coming months, right after the election and before the primary candidates start lining up that is the correct period for this maintenance to be done. For the insiders, this is known as the political “dead season”. This is a major source of the problem.

    • “Don’t imagine that a vote every x years is being a good citizen. It is not.”

      Well said!

      Now if we can just figure out how to avoid sating our citizenship on the empty calories of chatter about voting, we might have stomach enough to be good citizens during the political dead season.

      • The design of the system is citizen oversight of the governments whose territory you reside in. To accomplish this, you have to know what governments you reside in. Most people do not. They generally understand that there is a federal government, have a fuzzy idea about the state government, less of an idea of which legislative districts they are in, have even less idea about counties (except for those few zones that don’t have them) and are completely lost in the non-municipal special districts that make up so many of the 90k governments in these united states.

        If you have an accurate sense of the number of governments, you have an idea of the scope of your particular responsibility. Then comes the truly scary part, figuring out how to adequately inform yourself to make judgments of what is going wrong, and petition to get those grievances redressed. There is a tremendous mismatch between the tools government gives you to figure what’s going on and the time available to use them properly.

    • Jen

      TMLutas & Tom K: Egg-zactly.

  • Evan

    I would say Thursday begins the find something else to talk about phase when life can return to normal. Tomorrow, we’ll have to deal with sore winners and sore losers. (At least I know I will)

  • Esther

    Please, please, please no repeats of 2000. I will cry. My government and governments all around the world are using your election to bury a million kinds of bad news as they know Romney and Obama will monopolise the front pages. Plus, y’know, I just want it to be OVER. It’s so hard to make myself care when I deeply dislike both candidates.

  • Andy

    Every Sunday afternoon a group of us get together at the local tavern to watch the 4:00 football game, have an adult beverage, eat food that is not really good for us (Chicken WIngs, FF with gravy and the like) and enjoy each others company. This past Sunday as we watched the game we came to the conclusion – neither candidate seemed good, but that next Sunday, regardless of the winner, we will be in the same tavern with each other enjoying the game and each others company and the world will still continue. As a group we are glad the election is over and wish only that we could have adult conversation about the problems in America.
    The surprise is that as a group we range from very progressive to most conservative and yet we can agree to disagree and still enjoy each other. Maybe a quiet conversation over food not good for you helps soothe the savage partisan beast.

  • crazylikeknoxes

    I am an Ohioanian who has dutifully, if not exactly enthusiastically, performed a civic obligation. Having read somewhere that voting for a third party candidate was the functional equivalent of casting my seed à la Onan, I have cast for the lesser of two evils. (At least I think it was the lesser of two evils, something tells me there are, in fact, more than just two evils.) My apologies, Tim in Cleveland, for not following through with your write in campaign. I must now go to confession, as by casting my vote for the lesser of evils I feel that I’ve materially aided the politicians I voted for commit the sin of Sodom on the American people. And if I cannot get absolution from a priest for this, then to the bar!

  • Looking at this mathematically, Romney has only 235 likely electoral votes, and that includes FLA and NC. If Romney loses either of those, you’ll know he has lost. So, Romney is going to have to pick up 35 more electoral votes from the states of Virginia (13), Ohio (18), Colorado (9), Nevada (6), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Pennsylvania (20), Michigan (16), and New Hampshire (4).

    My guess is that he’ll pull out Virginia, but I’m not sure there’s 22 more electoral votes there. Ohio would be huge for him, but even that doesn’t win him the election without one more state.

  • Dan C

    Bush won in 2004 at 50/48 split of electorate. He won 288 electoral votes. That was the incumbent war-time presidency.

  • I can’t wait for this election cycle to be over so we can get our commercials for used cars, cleaning supplies and feminine hygiene products back.

  • Mark Gordon

    Only one day until the start of the 2016 presidential season!

    • Ha! That was good. That made me laugh.

    • EMS

      Agreed. Hopefully – PLEASE GOD! – there will be much better candidates than the 2 we got stuck with this year.

  • Bill

    Tomorrow it will be

    Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

    Let’s all go to Target

  • Ted Seeber

    From the left wing- but data driven- Electoral-vote.com :

    “A sign of the closeness of the race comes from the first actual election returns, as usual, from Dixville Notch, NH. Traditionally all the voters assemble at the polling station at midnight on the start of election day and vote. The votes are then reported at 12:01 A.M. The village has correctly predicted the past three presidential elections. This morning the results were announced. It was a tie, 5 votes for Obama and 5 votes for Romney. An inauspicious omen.”

  • Tomorrow it is far from over. Tomorrow, no matter who wins, the real work will have to begin. Either fighting (in whatever way we have left to us) this persecution of the Church and aggressive advance of the Culture of Death, or holding our erstwhile allies’ feet to the fire on the great moral issues of the day.

    Today though, we need to vote as the Church herself instructs – to limit evil to whatever extent our limited options allow. That is what the lesser of two evils in this context means – a limitation of evil. And we are given very clear guidance on how to determine the lesser evil. A limitation of evil is a positive good. A failed attempt to limit evil is a positive good.

    Leila Miller has a beautiful explication of the Church’s teaching on the matter: http://littlecatholicbubble.blogspot.com/2012/10/catholics-why-it-is-not-sin-to-vote-for.html

  • I dub this presidential campaign “our long national nightmare,” which is now almost over…

  • Scott W.

    Alien vs. Predator–whoever wins, we lose.

  • kmk

    Question 6 (So called gay marriage) has passed in the state of Maryland. That “we” have also voted for every Dem pol is of course a given. Whatta state.

    Our parents are alive and well and we live near them, so we will not go live somewhere else now, but it is tempting.

    Let the persecution begin! But He who knows each sparrow will not leave us, ever, and that fact is what I can cling to right now.

  • Elaine S.

    It’s the end of America as we know it and I feel fine…
    Seriously, folks, my rather hard bitten and politically agnostic husband (he hasn’t voted or even registered to vote in years) got on my case earlier this evening when he saw me getting upset over Obama being reelected. He knows all my concerns about abortion, religious freedom, etc. and shares them to some extent but thinks politicians are all basically corrupt so it’s not worth voting for any of them. He said that if things really are that bad and the Church is bound for all-out persecution what makes us think that a Romney presidency would prevent it, or do more than postpone it for a few more years? He also reminded me that some of the best times of our life together — our marriage, the birth of our daughter, buying a home in the country — occurred under a president I despised (Clinton) while some of our worst times — when I lost a good paying job and we were forced to sell our home and move — occurred under a president I respected (Bush 43). And you know, I really needed to hear that.

  • Noah D

    So, I’m not happy about the election results, but you know what?

    I know the truth, and I know what is right and wrong – and I have the Church to thank for both of those things.

    Now, other things to talk about:

    Alastair Reynolds writes some really good scifi. Mind, not as good as Mike Flynn, but pretty darn great nonetheless. Try ‘Pushing Ice’ or ‘Revelation Space’.

    Homemade hummus. Got any good recipes?

    Our neighborhood’s retention pond is becoming a managed habitat! There should be all sorts of interesting waterplants coming up next spring. I love little close-to-home environmental projects. Brings back some of the science-as-art-appreciation that natural science used to be.

    • Anne B.

      I’ve got a good hummus recipe, from the Penzey’s Spices people. Should I post it here, or would you like me to send it to you privately?

      I also bake my own bread and am good at making cheesecakes.