Over at God and the Machine…

Over at God and the Machine… November 14, 2012

Tom McDonald rips the lid off the seamy underbelly of the stinking weed of the siren song of corruption in the garden of mixed metaphors as he chronicles the unvarnished truth about his experiences with Patheosi bloggers and similar unsavory types who recently met to drink alcohol and other liquid things in Baltimore. There was also some kind of religious meeting happening nearby involving some sort of religious leaders, and he prefaces his remarks about the trip to the pub with some kind of information about that too. But the real heart and soul of the trip was the visit to the pub where things too terrible to describe were said and done.

And yes. The milk story is true. The whole damn thing is true. AND I’M NOT ASHAMED! DO YOU HEAR ME? I’M NOT ASHAMED!!!

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  • RFlaum

    I think you should switch to decaf milk.

  • What Tom doesn’t know, of course, is that if Mark doesn’t regularly imbibe the Milk of Human Kindness, his magniloquent words and harmless chuckles will transform into a chorus of rousing muahahas as his army o’ minions swarms into the pub and kills everybody before he can differentiate between the “Kill them all!” muahaha and the “I’m having a great time surrounded by these interesting people whom I plan to kill last” muahaha. The only remedy would be for Mark to equip all of his minions with Apple Maps, so they would spend hours finding the wrong pubs before giving up in minionish frustration.

    • Mark Shea

      “Magniloquent”. Keeeeewl!

  • marya

    I hate to think what you’d be like after THREE glasses of milk . . .
    It sounds like a grand time was had by all.

  • Yeah, but I’ll bet you told ’em to put it in a dirty glass. ^_^

  • Esther

    Why would a bar even have milk?

  • Ed the Roman

    It’s not enough to be lactose tolerant. You must be lactose affirming.