Alveda King Continues…

Alveda King Continues… January 21, 2013

the fight MLK began.

Who looks more interested in the fruitful prospering of African-Americans: King

or Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, seen here addressing some of her close friends and kindred spirits on the vital need to eliminate “human weeds” like… Martin Luther King, Jr. and similar useless eaters.

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  • Jenny

    FYI that photo is probably fake.

    • Stu

      Yup. It’s a fake.

    • Mark Shea

      Nonetheless, Sanger addressed the KKK numerous times with her pitch for culling the black (and Jewish, and eastern European) herd. She was every inch a racist.

      • Stu


        That’s indisputable. But I think we should be accurate and not use photo-shopped history. I don’t believe it helps the cause.

      • Jenny

        Actually it is disputable that she addressed the KKK numerous times. There is only evidence that she addressed the KKK once.
        It’s also not completely clear whether she was a racist, at least for her own time, i.e. that she held opinions that weren’t held by the vast majority of white Americans in her time.
        I read things like this and I’m reminded of Lethal Weapon II (I know- weird connection). If you recall, the bad guys are murderous drug dealers. But not just murderous drug dealers, they are racist, South African Apartheid supporters so they are SUPER DUPER bad guys.

      • Drew

        I think your blog is very thoughtful. You zig when I expect you to zag. It makes me think. So, thanks for that.
        However, using a photo that you agree is fake – or at least – don’t dispute is fake, is crossing a line. I suggest you label it a photo illustration or something that tells readers the photo isn’t accurate. That helps you and your readers, otherwise the photo distracts from your point.

        Keep up the good writing. But clean up this snafu.


        • Mark Shea

          The point is not “This is a real photo”. The poinnt is that Maggie and the KKK were on the same page in their racism (and she did, in fact, address them about the need to deal with the Black Menace via population control.)

  • Sus

    While Margaret Sanger was a champion of birth control, she did not support abortion. After her death, many abortion advocates have lied and taken advantage of what Margaret Sanger was about.

    I agree that she was wrong about birth control preventing abortions.

  • David

    Dr. Alveda King is speaking at the 4th Tulsa March for Life tomorrow night! I’m very excited about it. The march begins at 8th and Boston, and there is a mass starting at 5:30 ahead of time. Just in case there are any Oklaomans reading the blog today.

  • David

    The march starts at 7:00.

  • LittleAnn

    I was very much surprised, but I have been doing some research today on Margaret Sanger, and I have found that the Black Genocide movement is painting her inaccurately. It seems they’re taking her quotes out of context to make her seem worse than she was (not sure if it’s on purpose or a misinterpretation, but either way it hurts the pro-life cause). It mainly revolves around this quote by Sanger, “We don’t want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs.” At first glance it seems like she doesn’t want people to know her “true” agenda of extermination, but every non-propaganda article I can find explains that she’s saying she doesn’t want that idea to come up and spread because it isn’t true and the minister is the person to clarify. I hate to admit it but I had one of those “darn it – she wasn’t that bad after all” moments. (I know, shame on me.) But yes, African American babies are disproportionately aborted, and that is a problem that needs to be addressed.

  • I won’t comment on the picture here but if you want to get a “scholarly” take on Sanger and eugenics I suggest Angela Franks’ book “Margaret Sanger’s Eugenic Legacy: The Control of Female Fertility”
    Franks has a PhD from BC so hopefully that’s legit enough. There is PLENTY of primary source material to make the case that Sanger’s work was at least significantly informed by her views on eugenics. Of course, we want to have integrity in our argument, but really, if it quacks…