I hate being right all the time

I hate being right all the time January 8, 2013

For years I have foretold that the day would come when the Church will be damned by the world, not for failing to prevent pedophilia, but for trying to prevent it.  Pedophilia was a useful club for the Manufacturers of Culture to feign outrage at the Church and land some solid punches because, luckily for them, bourgeois opinion and the actual moral teaching of the Catholic tradition aligned and priests and bishops were guilty of real sin.  Accordingly, the Lord permitted our Manufacturers of Culture, like the Assyrian who cared nothing whatever for God, to be a punishing rod in the hand of God against a Church that richly deserved his chastisement.

But the fact remains that our Manufacturers of Culture, like the ancient pagan Assyrian, are enemies of God, not people who care about children.  The proof of this was seen a couple of years ago, when our elites made abundantly clear that molestation was just ducky–if you are the right sort of Roman.

Now it’s being made even clearer as the Manufacturers of Culture in the Country that Used to be England try to walk the tightrope of figuring out how to go on pretending to be outraged about Jimmy Savile (a big powerful media perv who was a Catholic–and therefore useful for attacking the Church–but also shielded by the BBC and an an awful lot of the Manufacturers of UK Culture–and therefore somebody who needs to be “explained”).

Result: The Guardian publishes a puff piece trying to argue that pedophiles are just one more “orientation”, doncha know.  So the normalization campaign appears to be under way now that the fake dudgeon has passed its sell by date.

The good part: It appears the Church–though not the world–has learned its lesson and profited from the lesson of the Assyrian’s rod.  Judgment, as is the way with our Lord, begins with the House of God.  It does not, however, end there.  Woe to that culture that tries to normalize this monstrous evil.  God brought the Assyrian against Israel for chastisement, not to destroy Israel, but to save her.  The pagan Assyrians trusted in raw power.  Israel trusted in God.  How well did it work?  Well, have you seen any pagan Assyrians lately?

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