Lucy the Cuteness’ Publicity Stills

Lucy the Cuteness’ Publicity Stills January 25, 2013

…from her upcoming film “Indoor Tent Party” are now online:

Lucy plays a brilliant three year old scientist caught in a web of intrigue and confusion as she tries to hide from Monsters in her tent behind the couch. Co-starring Luke Shea as The Nordic Giant, a friendly galoot who protects her from harm and leads her to her thrilling climactic confrontation with an ancient enemy known as Bath and Bedtime.

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  • Adorable!

    I’m sure “Indoor Tent Party” will be much better than “Moonrise Kingdom.”

    • Cow Shea

      I don’t know whether to let this stand as a compliment to my niece or to defend the honor of Wes Anderson.

      • Speaking as this adorable child’s father, neither do I.

        • Gentlemen, take the compliment. Moonrise Kingdom was mediocre. The acting was good, especially the two principle child actors and Bob Balaband. But the plot went nowhere.

  • Andy, Bad Person

    My parents got my children a “fort set” for Christmas. It’s basically a set of giant Tinker toys that you use to make a framework, and then drape a blanket over to make the tent/fort/igloo.

    It’s the best toy Daddy, er, the girls ever got.

  • Hannah

    I love your synopsis of the film. 🙂

  • Jessica

    So… I tried to type in “love it!” as my comment, and it said it was not long enough, so I am trying again to be a bit more long-winded because heaven knows “love it!” couldn’t possibly adequately express how adorable that little girl is in her little pose and I can’t wait to see the film although I’m sure it will play out in my own house a couple of years. So Mark Shea – I “Love it!”