Narcissist-in-Chief Celebrates Self

Narcissist-in-Chief Celebrates Self January 21, 2013

He did it. Goody for him.

Meanwhile, in really interesting news, strongest evidence for life on Mars yet has been found.

Oh, and more people will be at the March for Life than will be at the Inauguration.

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  • Saint Superman

    Ok, Mark, you’re being a little petty here. He took the oath of office and made some remarks to his kids and then the news reported it. This isn’t exactly a huge giant ball of narcissism worthy of your commentary and condemnation.

    I read you every day and I have a lot of respect for you, so please don’t be a tool.

  • Speaking of the March for Life, your readers may be interested to hear that there was a huge turnout for the Vigil for Life in Dublin, which you kindly publicized on your blog.
    The official police figures was 25, 000. Of course that has been disputed by the liberal media. But it was a heck of a lot of people no matter what number should be put on it (I was there but I’m not very good at estimating numbers).
    Deo gratias, and thank you Mark Shea.

    • Ciaran

      I was there. 🙂

  • (It was on Saturday.)

  • EBS

    It seems to me Obama is stoked to have another terms rent-free in the white house. Cause he ain’t doing much besides inhaling free air.
    Besides, A so-called “President” of The United States of America doesn’t have to pretend to be just an ordinary American guffawing ” shucks Michelle and kids…I did it”. That’s hardly the image you want to portray when you are supposed to be the leader of the free world. Pretty lame PR if you ask me, because it doesn’t inspire much confidence in his ability to LEAD, just look good for the cameras. So, yeah, a narcissist indeed, fit, for our narcissistic times.

  • Sus

    Why shouldn’t President Obama be proud? It’s a safe bet to say that all our Presidents have been proud.

    I’m far from a fan of his, but I don’t think he’s any more narcissist than any other political person.

    • Andy

      I agree, I think in American politics being a narcissist is prerequisite characteristic. We put our political leaders on a pedestal and expect them to live up to their place on the pedestal. Obama is no worse than any other political leader. I am not a fan of his, but I think this I unwarranted.

      • Subsistent

        Is being a narcissist a prerequisite characteristic in American politics? It depends, meseems, on what the meaning here of “is” is. I mean, maybe for *recent* American politics narcissism is a requirement of being a prez, but ’twas not thus always. Abraham Lincoln, for counter-example, didn’t have the popular acclaim for supporting any narcissism: he was constantly subject to opposition and bitter criticism from opposing sides. *Ambitious* he admittedly was: he wanted to become president, and then he wanted a second term, “to finish the work we are in”. But narcissistic, no.

        • Andy

          I think that narcissism is a prerequisite for modern “leaders”. We adore those we agree with and despise those we disagree with. We invest them with superhuman abilities and forget like usvtheybhave feet of clay. The constant attention leads to. narcissism. Maybe if we focused on the policies and not the person there would be less narcissism in our leaders.

    • Mac

      What has he really done to be proud of? He has lied his way into office, both as a Senator and President. He has pretended to be more centrist than he is. He directly contradicts his earlier positions and has stomped on the Constitution numerous times such as executive orders implementing part of the Dream Act which Congress refused to pass as well as his executive orders on firearms. What gives him the authority do do that? He is stomping on the Constitution and your religious liberties with Obamacare. The more that is learned about Obamacare, the more people see that is going to cause huge increases in taxes. He refuses to defend the Defense of Marriage Act saying that it is unconstitutional. The Constitution requires him to faithfully execute his office which incloudes seeing that laws are enforced. The Courts decide if it is constitutional or not, not the President or Attorney General. He lied to the American people on taxes, saying he wanted to raise taxes on the wealthiest among us. I am willing to bet that if you work, your paycheck is smaller now that it was in December because taxes went up on over 75% of ALL Americans. He threatens to bypass Congress if he doesn’t get his way. That sounds more like a schooll yard bully than the President of the United States. He has tried his best to turn this country into a socialist state with himself as dictator. When he says he will not negotiate with Congress who does he think he is? The constitution set up three seperate but EQUAL branches of our government. Congress makes the laws, the President sees to it that they are enforced. Barrack Obama is not a king, sultan, dictator, soverign or any other such title. He is the Chief Executive of this country. He governs, he does NOT rule. So really, what has he done to be proud of?

      • Sus

        62 million people voted for the man. He did not steal the Presidency.

        We are self-employed. Obama’s policies do nothing for us. However, none of our Presidents have done anything for us in regards to our tiny company. Mitt Romney would not have done anything either.

        I think people forget that President Obama is responding to what people what. Healthcare costs are extremely expensive so of course taxes are going to go up with Obamacare. I’m willing to pay more (and our insurance premiums are already almost 3 times our mortgage), if it means that uninsured people will get the healthcare they need.

        As far as the Defense of Marriage Act goes, Obama supports the repeal. Wanting something repealed doesn’t mean he’s going against the Constitution.

        • Arnold

          Refusing to defend before the courts a law dutifully passed by Congress and signed by the president (Clinton, I think) skirts along the edges of irresponsibility and is contrary to his oath of office in my opinion to “dutifully execute and defend.” .

        • 62 million is less than 20% of the populace. Still, he got marginally more than Romney.

      • Will

        Some people have a different opinion.

    • Mark Shea

      That’s no saying much. Our Ruling Class is packed with narcissists.

      • Will

        So is the blogging class.

  • The Deuce
  • kmk

    The Baltimore Ravens won! Go Ravens! Go Ray Lewis! Go OJ I-can’t-remember-his-last-name (a former Raven who is afflicted with ALS and was in the locker room last night)!

  • I think they should hold a march for life in the summer sometime (maybe six months off), and the turnout would be phenomenal. Well, maybe it isn’t a big deal in most places, but here in MN (-30 windchill today and tomorrow) it tends to keep the turnout down!

    Isn’t it interesting that abortion was legalized on basically the coldest day (on average) of the year? The winter solstice is Dec. 21 or 22, and the coldest day lags about a month behind.

    • Peggy R

      DC gets miserably humid in July and August. Do it in late May early June. Make sure Congress is in session also.

  • Renee

    I think the President was referring to his previous swearing in when he and Chief Justice Roberts said the wrong words. This time his daughter was teasing him, saying, “You didn’t mess up.” That’s why he said, “I did it.”

    • The Deuce

      Ah yes, I’d forgotten about that. I think you’re right.

  • The Deuce

    Eh, the Mars article suffers from the usual exaggeration (which appears to be traceable to the funding-seeking scientists themselves) in reporting on all things even tangentially related to origin of life or life on other planets. The “strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars” turns out to just be some geologists’ interpretation of some evidence to suggest that there *might* be some liquid water deep under Mars’ surface, which if true *might* mean that it would be possible for some forms of life to survive beneath the surface of Mars, under the rather bold assumption that there was ever any there in the first place, which assumption this discovery (or, rather, interpretation of a discovery) provides no evidence for. And then there’s the usual obligatory “may shed light on how life originated on Earth” business of counting chickens before any eggs have been laid.

    • Life off-planet is not a threat to Faith, Deuce.

      • Kurt

        How on earth did you derive that from his comment?

        • Kurt

          I suppose I should have said “on earth (or any other planet) . . .” I thought Deuce was simply making a shrewd analysis of the hype that usually accompanies these stories.

        • I read the feelings and attitudes implied in his comment.

      • The Deuce

        I know it’s not a threat to the faith. It is, however, a bottomless well of hype and misrepresentation. Now, FWIW, I do happen to think that the purveyors of hype are motivated in large part by a desire to further the cause of materialism, but that’s neither here nor there.

        It would be a mistake to claim that life on other planets contradicts the faith, but it would also be a mistake to be so afraid of being *perceived* as making that claim that we just ignore obvious, philosophically-driven misrepresention and spin-doctoring when it’s right under our nose.

        • The presence of off-planet life wouldn’t further the cause of materialism. Holy Scripture doesn’t tell us that there is no life off planet. It doesn’t tell us that God created life only here and nowhere else. It is not concerned with such questions, nor would the audience have understood such references. For them, the stars and planets were “lights.”

          As for other authority, neither the Vatican not the Holy Father have rejected the possibility of life elsewhere. Nor is such an idea contrary to the teachings of faith and morals.

          An acquaintance of mine, a Vatican astronomer with excellent scientific credentials, has written books on the subject. He does not represent the cause of materialism.

          It is out there – I think there is very little doubt about that. Let’s not get caught flat-footed.

          • The Deuce

            The presence of off-planet life wouldn’t further the cause of materialism.

            No, but the hypsters *believe* that it would, which I believe is a large part of the impetus for all the misrepresentation and exaggeration.

            It is out there – I think there is very little doubt about that. Let’s not get caught flat-footed.

            Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I suspect not myself, but I could certainly be wrong. But, again, let’s not be so afraid of being caught flat-footed that we simply allow all kinds of BS to go by unremarked.

            • What do you care what they think?

              • What “they” think? Who is this “they” you refer to? Is there a human being anywhere whose soul is not of concern to God, and consequently to any Christian? Is it not important that people are making up firewalls against the chance of belief, trying to protect themselves against God? Should we not worry about these?

  • Will

    Everyone is entitlef to celebrate a victory. He does celebrate his family. It is easy to sit and criticize.

  • The Deuce

    Yeah, but note that they’re talking about the militia rather than the guns themselves. In the context of what they’re talking about, “well-regulated” means “effective,” as in a “well-oiled machine.” What they mean is that the militia (and by “militia” they meant basically all men of fighting age who might be need to defend their land if necessary) must be well-armed to operate effectively should the need arrive.

  • Janet O’Connor

    There will likely be more people at the March for Life because I heard this a few weeks ago that there would be less people at the Inaugeration than in 2009. I did not watch the 2009 event and I also did not watch today’s event because I knew it would be a sham. As a matter of fact I got sick and tired of seeing him on EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL at the Ball. It was creepy because it was all at the same time like the failed EAS Test in November 2011. I knew what this man would be bad for this country when Pat Buchanan were saying once in office he “would not be as radical as he seems” Yeah Right.