Prayer Request

Prayer Request January 23, 2013

A reader writes:

I was writing to see if you would be willing to share a prayer request for my newborn nephew, Matthew. He had a seizure where he turned blue minutes after being born on Sunday, and has had three more since then. He is currently at the hospital and no one seems to know how bad things are, but I’m getting the impression that the doctors don’t think he’s going to survive. Would you mind asking your readers to pray for Matthew’s life and his soul, as well as care for his family and skill for his doctors and care-givers? He has two older toddler siblings, and I don’t think they’re going to understand.

Father, hear our prayer for Matthew’s complete healing in body, soul, and spirit, and his preservation from all harm. Give skill, wisdom, knowledge and compassion to his caregivers and grace, peace and strength to all who love him. Be with his siblings and surround them with your guardian angels. Surround the family and Matthew as well. And give grace and peace to my reader in this trial. Mother Mary and St. Luke, pray for them all. We ask all this through Christ our Lord.

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