Prolife Ninjas!

Prolife Ninjas! January 26, 2013

500,000 prolifers invade Washington DC completely unseen by major network news! Who knows what this stealthy battalion of sinister counter-cultural types may be up to as they hide in plain sight? Do they fund their activities by robbing jewelry stores in broad daylight? Can they be seen in mirrors? Can cameras detect their presence?

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  • victor

    I hear they do a really good job cleaning up after themselves. They should be more like the Occupy crowds and poop all over the place, if they ever want to get noticed.

  • Justin West

    Meanwhile, the actual Ninja Parade finally get’s it’s media recognition. “Thousands turned out to not see the ninjas.”

  • Will

    There was a brief mention, with video, on the NBC Nightly News.

  • Walter C

    All joking aside, you all know as well as I do that the State Media will not go against the messages directed by the Govt. So did we really expect the Pro-Life March to get past the censors?

    • victor

      Then why march at all? The whole point of protesting is to be noticed.

      • Steve T.

        It’s good for us, because it’s irrefutable proof to *ourselves* that the MSM is entirely in the grip of the forces of Evil. There’s no way that such a complete blackout of such a sizable event could repeatedly occur over *decades* if Evil wasn’t behind it. But as Monsieur Shea has oft stated, “sin makes you stupid.” Any reasonably intelligent human being not completely in thrall to the Enemy who learns of the March For Life has a double-take moment–and begins to wonder.

        • victor

          That works for me!!

  • Patrick

    Same thing in San Francisco. An estimated 80,000 – 100,000 turned out…and nothing in the San Francisco Chronicle. The Chronicle *did* have an article about a pro-gun control rally in Washington D.C. I guess they didn’t notice that half of their city came to a standstill while several tens of thousands of people marched down the main street singing songs and carrying “Defend Life” signs and banners from their home churches.

    Quite honestly, I couldn’t be bothered to get upset by this.

  • Kirt Higdon

    I salute all who participated, but I have to ask where the estimate of 500,000 comes from. I’ve heard that the DC police quit making estimates of crowd size years ago because they were constantly being criticized for either low balling or exaggerating. So is this an estimate from independent media sources or from the event organizers themselves? I take it for granted that it is not from explicitly pro-abort sources.

    • Ashley

      Made up by the organizers, just as every crowd figure in DC has been since the Million Man March. You’re correct that there are no official estimates for marches or rallies here. The real number is anyone’s guess.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        Not entirely made up, though. They can make fairly reliable estimates of numbers based on how much space the crowd takes up. A crowd that stretches X distance on the Mall is Y size. It’s an estimate, but it’s not just a wild guess.

        • Ashley

          It’s little better than a wild guess. I’ve been to quite a few rallies in DC, and I’ve seen estimates of crowds that took up the same amount of space differ by a factor of fifty. I’ve seen estimates of the same crowd by different groups differ by a factor of 100.

          That’s assuming anyone actually made an estimate in the manner you’re describing, and didn’t just invent the figure whole cloth.

          • Bob

            Jeanne Monahan actually explained in several interviews during the week or two before the March that official crowd estimates from the city were no longer being made after what happened with the Million Man March, but that the March for Life organization had hired a company this year to come out and gather an official estimate of the crowd.

  • Friday evening there was a larger than normal picture-headline at the top of the FoxNews web site.

  • Friday’s Washington Post used most of the space on A-1 above the fold for a picture of “antiabortion activist[s],” mostly women, praying in front of the Supreme Court, with the headline “Prayers mark Rove v. Wade anniversary.”

    Yes, the story is on B1 (Metro section), and yes, on B1 there’s an oddly composed photograph of “abortion-rights counterprotestors” (with an angry-looking pro-life teenager in the foreground), but I’d still say this is progress. The caption for that photo even admits that the pro-abortionists were “a small group.”

    It seems to me that, if there’s anything that’s not newsworthy in all this, it’s that the news doesn’t consider the March for Life newsworthy. But then, I’ve never seen a diocesan newspaper run an A-1 above-the-fold story with a headline like, “CHRIST’S SACRIFICIAL DEATH MADE PRESENT IN DIOCESAN CHURCHES; GRACES FLOW UPON THE FAITHFUL,” and that’s a pretty big deal, too.

    • Yes, but is it *news* for the readers of the diocesan newspaper?

  • Mark,
    If opponents had indulged in a violent outburst of tolerance it would have led on all networks.

  • enness

    Pro-life ninjas…hee! Yer crackin’ me up. 🙂

  • Patrick

    Not mainstream media (it’s a conservative publication), but American Spectator Online had two stories about the March for Life in D.C. posted yesterday. One of them –“Cloud of Witnesses”– was mine.

  • Loud

    Hehehe… I was one of those ninjas….