The American Catholic Church Continues the Great Enema

The American Catholic Church Continues the Great Enema January 18, 2013

…that commenced during the Long Lent of 2002. There has been a lot of change and improvement, but as cases like Bp Finn and, ahem, this guy demonstrate we have not crossed the finish line.

I’m having trouble tracking the timeline on the priest and when he stopped serving. Can somebody make sense of it for me? My main question is, “Was this guy still serving after the reports of him cross-dressing and all the rest of it in the rectory?” Or did the diocese respond quickly once they knew there was a problem? If the former, then, oh well, priests fall and that happens. If the latter, then the diocese of Bridgeport seems not to have learned a damn thing.

I did find the oblique reference to his love of Broadway shows and “show tunes” amusing. The sanctity of the Gay Estate must be preserved above all things. It’s one thing to say the man brought the priesthood into disgrace. It’s quite another to suggest that the homosexual life teems with pathologies (which, you know, it does).

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