On Behalf of All Lit Majors Everywhere…

On Behalf of All Lit Majors Everywhere… February 4, 2013

Permit me to say that I, for one, am happy that the only football team in the world named for a poem is now the REGNANT SUPREME CHAMPION OF THE UNIVERSE!

Best commercial: the Oreo Quiet Riot with the cop whispering through the bullhorn. Also, I was disturbed by the implication that babies are not rocketed to earth from Planet Babyland. Please advise.

Also, when the power went out, I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as though millions of toilets had flushed and were suddenly silenced.

What’s with the kissing one’s own biceps thing?

Loved the 109 yard touchdown.

Appreciated the tribute to farmers.

Some of those commercials were depraved and I was embarrassed to be in a roomful of kids watching it.

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  • How much must we pony up to pay the CEO muckity mucks to NOT allow Go-Daddy to buy an ad next year as a form of chastisement?

    • Veronica

      I think GoDaddy really deserves to go bankrupt after their disgusting slobberfest excuse for a commercial. Good thing I wasn’t eating when I watched it, or I would have lost my appetite. Worst commercial in recent memory!

      • Seamus

        Just be grateful it was a display involving two people of opposite sexes.

        • Veronica

          I don’t know about that, Seamus. The “nerd” guy actually looked like an ugly lesbo to me. In any case, the ad would hardly be even more gross than it was, even if it featured 2 people of the same sex. Eww.

  • Alexander Anderson

    The 49ers quarterback has a giant tattoo that says “Faith” on his bicep, and that’s what he’s supposed to be kissing. He supposedly started doing it after an article implicated that all his tattoos made him look like a thug.

  • Michelle

    Did not watch the Super Bowl and therefore missed the commercials (too pre-occupied with my newest grandson who arrived at 8:58 yesterday morning, 24 days early) but my daughters and I were talking and decided that in recent years too many of the commercials have descended to stupidity or vulgarity for humor, rather than using wit.

    • Where are your priorities! Congratulations, what wonderful news. Hopefully all is fine with the proud family. You’re right about some of the commercials, though this year fewer of them than in previous.

    • Kelly Donovan

      Congratulations on your grandson’s birth!

    • Beccolina

      Congratulations. One of my nieces had a baby daughter yesterday too! A good day for it.

  • Ed the Roman

    The Clydesdale ad was nice.

    • Dan Berger

      Seconded. Though I share Marks’ enthusiasm for Planet Baby and the library riot.

  • Kelly Donovan

    I haven’t watched a Super Bowl for many, many years. I can never remember watching the half-time “entertainment” when I did watch the game. The commercials used to be fun, smart, memorable and I always looked for the Master Lock spot; from what I hear & see now, they are tawdry, dumbed-down and forgettable, by and large.
    The only football I watch is European (soccer). Though not without scandal, I find it more intelligent and less violent. And where the practice of “kissing one’s bicep” (or wrist) usually occurs after scoring a goal and the body part has a tattoo of some sentimentality is quite common.

    • I can’t speak for European, but I’ve had boys play both soccer and one play football. I’ve always enjoyed football, but never knew how much knowledge it required until he played, esp. for the offense.

    • Bill

      Soccer is ok, but American football is the pinnacle of team sports.

  • Tim in Cleveland

    I don’t know which is worse: watching the former Cleveland Browns win a Superbowl or watching the current Cleveland Browns play football.

  • Arnold

    I loved the Dodge ad about farmers and the Budweiser ad about the Clydesdales. Both were very touching although anyone who has bred horses had to have been particularly moved by the Budwesier ad.

    • Beccolina

      I got to meet the Clydesdales once when they came to Frontier days in Cheyenne. Highlight of my year. I don’t like Busweiser, but I love the Clydesdales.

  • TheConductor

    The time will come when the Puppy Bowl will surpass the Super Bowl in sociopolitical importance.

    • Bill


      Football will get better, safer, and bigger.

      • TheConductor

        But so will the Puppy Bowl, and at an exponential rate. Puppies rule!

        • “joe”

          hedgehogs and kitties too!

  • Veronica

    Great taste, Mark, the Oreo commercial was my favorite too. It was a great game, however the GoDaddy slobberfest commercial nearly ruined the entire Super Bowl for me and nearly made me barf. WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE PEOPLE THINKING?! Most disgusting commercial I’ve ever seen, I would love it if GoDaddy went bankrupt after this!!!

  • JDH

    Pitchers and catchers report in 7 days!

    • Kathy

      Thanks be to God!

  • Elmwood

    Someone told me they sold off their farm with the Clydesdale horses since they sold their company to some giant foreign beer consortium. Not sure about that though. FYI, those beach wood chips where put in the beer not to make it taste better, but to create more surface area for the yeast to turn out the product quicker. A truly Mordor designed beer if there ever was one.

    Ahhh, America where anyone can successfully sell and dominate a market with a terrible product using the power of advertising and marketing gimmicks alone.

  • antigon

    Not to upset David Norris & Kenneth overly, but also perhaps of interest is that the Ravens’ coach – & thus possibly his bro – is reported to be a devout RC.

  • John C

    It was a good game, although my team – the Patriots – was not there. Congratulations to Joe Flacco. As always, I turned down the sound for the National Anthem. The commercials that I saw were stupid and juvenile, completely devoid of wit and humor. The “Go Daddy” commercial was disgusting. I saw about 30 seconds of Beyonce’s “performance”. All I could think of was: ” Is there anybody more ridiculous than this woman?”