Ann Coulter Stands Tall Against the Menace of Soccer

Ann Coulter Stands Tall Against the Menace of Soccer June 26, 2014

No. Really.

In addition to not caring about soccer, I don’t care about hatred for soccer. I get the dim impression that red-blooded bomb-throwing nuts like Coulter have taken to ladling out this particular culture war outrage porn because somehow Talk Radio fans feel that soccer contributes to the Euroweenification and illegal immigrantification of manly Murkan virtue or something. But it would require more interest than I can muster to find out if this dim perception is accurate.

Me: If you like soccer, have fun. If you don’t, do something else. The Republic will stand either way.  Far more important than soccer is the weird way in which people like Coulter, who allegedly stand for being Real Murkans have totally taken over the old Soviet habit of taking every fun thing and turning it into an occasion for a numbing Political Re-education Camp Lecture.

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