Prayer Request

Prayer Request February 28, 2013

A reader writes:

The situation in which my wife and I find ourselves is far less critical than most – not life-threatening, not on-the-edge-of-disaster, not financially strapped, but all the same it’s serious enough for us.  We are currently not happy with our state in life – either our jobs, or the place in which we live.  There are many factors at play here, but the short version is that our health has suffered somewhat from stress and other factors, our spiritual needs are not being met, and our lives have been placed on hold.  After much prayerful consideration (along with a lot of practical research) we’ve discerned that a move from North Carolina to the Dallas-Fort Worth area is in order.  This cannot take place until I’ve found a job (and the job I have right now is tenuous), and it’s challenging to be an out-of-towner looking for a job, even though we’re not asking for relocation expenses.  I’ve started building a network and contacting people, as well as answering employment ads, but I know there’s no aid as strong as prayer, so I ask you and your readers to pray for the success of my job search, that we are truly following God’s will for us, and that we remain patient until such time as a job comes along.  (And, as long as we’re being bold, that perhaps this can happen sooner rather than later!)

Father, hear our prayer that this man find a good job at a living wage and with benefits for his family in the DFW area.  Help them to be patient and give in your perfect time, which we ask will be soon.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them and for this man’s future employer.  We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen!

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  • Mary

    For a man who has suffered a minor stroke, and has been having heart trouble.

  • Matthew Wade

    As a lifelong resident of the DFDub, I can offer my advice to your reader (along with my prayers of course) if he’d like to solicit it privately. Also, he might do well to get in touch with the Young Catholic Professionals group here in Dallas – It’s a budding group of Catholics in their 20s and 30s, single and married. They have quite an extensive network, and the folks are solidly Catholic. God bless this man’s journey with his family.

  • Mike

    It takes real courage to ask for help. May he find it in earnest.

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