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Quote for the Day February 2, 2013

An atheist in my combox has the startling insight that the Church is full of really repulsive people, just like the rest of the human race.

Reader Ghosty remarks:

We expect about one out of twelve bishops to murder God, so we’re not laboring under any illusions about the sinners in the Church, and never have been.

Not to mention 10/12 of our bishops running around cutting off people’s ears and fleeing into the night, with only one actually showing up for the crucifixion.

The whole point of this “salvation” thingie that Jesus is on about is that his followers need saving. We’re a sorry lot, the Church. Only the thing is, so is the rest of humanity, including the ones gloating about the egregious sins of Jesus’ followers. The Church is the Church, not because it’s full of awesome people who are so much better than the rest of mankind, but because the Holy Spirit has picked the most ridiculous and repellent people in order to make clear that he’s the one doing the saving of the world. not Jesus’ followers.  Even the whole “infallibility” thing boils down to “We’re such doofuses that the Holy Spirit makes an exception to his normal rule of not getting in the way of our stupidity and sees to it that, when it comes to preserving the really crucial bits of the gospel, the Church is prevented from dropping the ball.”

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