And now a word from the Lunatic community

And now a word from the Lunatic community March 15, 2013

“17,640 like this”

The cult surrounding Maria Divine Mercy are none too happy about this pope.  Much freakoutery about the Warning being upon us by Good Friday (good! I like false prophecies to  have short expiration dates).

Particularly telling is this utterly bourgeois comment from one of The Faithful over at Facebook:

Don’t you know that his so-called “humble life”  and “love for the Poor” are part of Satan’s plan?  Before Satan does something with the great desire to succeed, he has to prepare very well first until his time  arrives…. We know that humility is a very important characteristic of a good servant of God that’s why the False Prophet (Pope Francis) needed to appear humble externally before he sits at the Vatican..  If you notice, the media always and always tell us how humble he lived.. They keep on repeating it .. They also showed some picture of him riding only a bus back then.. He is very desperate to convince us that he really is humble.. haha!! He is only making it obvious for us who already knows the truth..  and  take note that, the people in his town in Argentina already consider him a Saint.. Jesus said in one of his messages that the False prophet will be treated like a Living Saint! and those who oppose him we will be called heretic!  (So, we will appear as if we are the bad ones!)

Love for the poor is satanic.  Mkay. The awesome anti-charism of discernment so common among Faithful Conservative Catholics[TM] marches on!

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