Hey Mom!

Hey Mom! May 11, 2013

Producer Julie Linn writes:

I wanted to give you a heads up on a music video that I’ve just finished producing, in collaboration with my good friend and former pastor, Rev. Edward Namiotka.  I think he may be a FB friend/follower of yours.

Father Ed is not only a terrific priest, but a fine lyricist and melody writer.  We’ve worked on several projects, which I’ve either set to music or produced.  The one I am referencing is called the “Mom” song, and it has been recently launched on ITunes, Amazon, several Internet Radio stations, and now, today, on YouTube.

And here Father Ed writes about the human and heavenly inspirations for the “Mom” song on his blog:

Our collaboration has been in response to a shared zeal for the New Evangelization, and particularly as it relates to the vision of Bl. John Paul II’s call for artists to evangelize the culture through art and beauty.  The “Pure Jerzy Kidz” and all the people in the video are a very blessed group, which was part of my strategy: to show both the look and sound of true beauty —  grace  —  which has been so lacking in Hollywood and all media for decades.

I was a producer for the video, and director/producer for the audio, which, as I mentioned, is on ITunes.  My daughter Christy’s fiance, Kevin S. Rivera, was the filmmaker.  I had enlisted a former voice student of mine, Scott Armato, a music theater director and composer, to write the  Billy Joel-esque accompaniment.  I then auditioned and gathered children from area schools (Southern New Jersey)  who have a connection to Father Ed and recorded them at an Emmy and Telly award recording studio.

I hope you will be blessed by it, and if you are, I would be so appreciative of anything you might advise or any help you might give in getting the word out.

We’re asking that people “Like” and “Rate” it on its FB pages and especially on You Tube and ITunes –

– because it’s our hope that its joy be spread – well,  everywhere!!   I know this sounds ambitious, but the response we’ve had so far has been tremendously positive, so who knows how the Lord might use it ?

Happy Mother’s Day!

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