The Abortion Lobby Begins Operation Sanitize

The Abortion Lobby Begins Operation Sanitize May 15, 2013

Reader Lint Hatcher remarks on the transparent lies of Murder Inc. and its associates in the wake of Gosnell:

Here are the revised pro-choice Emergency Guidelines regarding the Gosnell murder and infanticide conviction:
1) Distance the Cause from Gosnell by labeling him a “back alley abortionist,” despite the fact that he was a licensed doctor oper…ating a flourishing abortion clinic in Philadelphia and a friend of the Cause for many decades.
2) Blame Gosnell’s crimes on the pro-lifers. No, really. Just make it work. Repeat the lie often enough and maybe a celebrity will pick it up and run with it.
3) Never, never, never mention that 9 of the 12 Gosnell jurors were pro-choice and they still sent him to jail for killing babies.
4) Claim that “unnecessary restrictions on women’s access to care” led Gosnell to overreach – rather than saying, “We think inducing labor and killing big old third term babies should be every woman’s right.”
5) Cover up the fact that more clinics are being closed around the nation for similar crimes, eight in Michigan alone. WE DON’T WANT GOSNELL TO BECOME THE NEW FACE OF ABORTION, PEOPLE!
6) Continue the policy of never offering a customer a view of their ultrasound – it’s bad for business.
7) Make sure Moloch gets his usual bonus check for another great year!
Lies are the native language of Hell and the abortion movement speaks it fluently.  Christians must never learn to speak that Black Speech.
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  • vox borealis

    Your reader misses an important one:

    10) Emphasize that Gosnell killed/victimized women, that his crime was against women; try as hard as possible not to use words like “babies.” Planned Parenthood’s statement regarding Gosnell’s conviction did a very good job of following this rule.

  • For number 7, do you mean Obama? he does get his kickbacks from PP.

  • Chesire11

    I had one person tell me that if abortion is ever banned, then more women will be forced into the clutches of villains like Gosnell. (sigh!)

    • chezami

      Yeah. The whole “Legal Abortion prevents back alley abortions” narrative is a real non-starter given the abortion lobby’ spectacular failure here.

      • Chesire11

        Unfortunately, I don’t see this as the watershed event that some have imagined it to be. Not only has it received far too little media coverage to have a deep impact on public opinion, but as you point out, the talking points are already spinning it as an aberration, etc…

        More fundamentally, I think the whole abortion issue is a symptom of a far deeper and more serious malady, and that no ruling or legislation will resolve the scourge of abortion in America. I would (and have elsewhere) argued that it is fundamentally an outgrowth of a deeply materialistic culture, which is intrinsically hostile to human dignity, and values us only as economic actors.

        When the individual is valued only for what he or she produces and consumes, the economic consequences of an unwanted pregnancy diminishes the humanity of the mother in the calculus of our consumer culture. Blessed JPII was right when he saw that the fundamental struggle against tyranny is a cultural one. Change the culture and injustice cannot stand.

        For too long, I think the pro-Life movement has concentrated on battling the output, rather than changing the culture which convinced people that women’s equality and human dignity are functions of her economic activity and are not secure absent the power to abort. We need to fight this battle at a much deeper level than we have been fighting it.

        We also need to understand that it is not through our efforts that abortion will be abolished, but through the intervention of Our Lady, against whose motherhood abortion most gravely offends. Our role is to cooperate with Our Lady by asserting the intrinsic worth of every human person from conception to natural death, and trust in her to triumph, where our efforts are inadequate.

        • chezami


  • lavallette

    Who is the Big Liar? So what are those who repeat his lies on his behalf to further evil called?

  • ivan_the_mad

    Carrying out a room-to-room search, the officer described a ‘house of horrors’ scenario with the corpses of dead babies and body parts to be found everywhere, including in fridges and cabinets.

    “As prosecutors gave their closing arguments in Gosnell’s trial two weeks ago, Assistant District Attorney Ed Cameron turned to Gosnell and asked ‘Are you human?’ – but the doctor simply laughed.”

    “Misko added that he judged Gosnell for not speaking in the trial: ‘He just sat there and smirked for eight weeks,’ he said.”

    I earnestly suspect the man may be in part a victim of demonic obsession at the very least.

  • Mary

    It would be interesting to see a book published with interviews with the police, detectives and all the other people who have to investigate the abortion mills that have been closed down. I’m sure most of them had lives that radically changed after witnessing first hand the horror of those places.

    Most likely, those who were pro choice had conversions and those who were already for life are now more zealous in their prayers and actions, speaking out more boldly on our societies attack on babies, women and families.