After 3 Decades of Crapping on Christians…

After 3 Decades of Crapping on Christians… July 6, 2013

…to the delight and applause of our Chattering Classes, Madonna decides to crap on Muslims and our Chattering Classes want us all to know that they are timid cowards who fear Muslim reprisals.

Headline should have read: Sensationalist hack abandoned by gutless cowards.

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    I saw this yesterday, too, and had the same reaction:

    Wait, wait, now she’s gone too far?

  • Carol Weinstock

    She is just tacky and crass.

  • Eileen D’A

    Good luck with that, Madge.

  • Stu

    I’ll be impressed when she wears it around the streets of Jeddah or Kandahar.