Fr. Bryce Sibley has a chance for us to do a work of mercy!

Fr. Bryce Sibley has a chance for us to do a work of mercy! July 1, 2013

He writes:

I’m chaplain at the Catholic Student Center on the campus of the University of Louisiana-Lafayette. We’ve got a very active ministry – we have FOCUS Missionaries, the National Catholic Register has done an article on us, and we were featured on EWTN’s Life on the Rock earlier this year.

We’re blessed also to have a great religious order working with us on campus ministering to the students, the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. Things have gone so well, that three of the young women from the University applied and were accepted as postulants for the order.

The plan was to have them live at the convent on campus and still attend classes at the University so they could complete their degrees and receive their formation. In addition, they would be a great witness to the other students on campus and at the Student Center. But, here is the rub – we had no place to house them in the convent building. So we embarked on a renovation project – to renovate the garage to make it a living area for the postulants and to enclose the patio to make a classroom/study area.

Well, as it tends to happen once we began the renovations we realized that is was gong to be a much bigger project than we had originally thought. There was extensive termite damage, electrical issues, sewage problems, water damage, and even a slow gas leak – none of this too surprising for a house built in 1935!

So, we’ve begun a fundraising project to help with the renovations. We are calling it “Restore the Convent on Campus.” We are hoping to raise $300,000 – the estimated cost of the project.

We’ve set up a Razoo page to facilitate the fundraising efforts. People can go there to learn more about the Sisters, the convent, and the renovations. It’s a great way for people to promote campus ministry, religious life, and vocations – all in one fell swoop!

Fr. Bryce is the real deal and this sounds like a  great thing!  Go for it, troops!

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