The Complete Catholic Social Teaching Conference?

The Complete Catholic Social Teaching Conference? July 12, 2013

Is that even possible? Aimee Murphy dares to believe that if you present the Church’s whole teaching, they will come. She writes:

You know who I am (at least I hope you still remember!), and you know I’m the Executive Director of Life Matters Journal, an online publication dedicated to making aggressive violence a thing of the past through education and discourse. I’ve still yet to see a photo of you in that t-shirt I sent you though!

The reason I am writing you is because we are currently spreading the word about our latest project, in collaboration with many other peace and life minded organizations: Life/Peace/Justice: A Conference on Life Issues. It is sure to be a packed day (set for March 29, 2014 in Philadelphia, PA) full of interesting and informative discussions on all sorts of life issues, ranging from abortion and unjust war to euthanasia, the death penalty, embryonic stem cell research, abuse, human trafficking, and suicide prevention. The purpose of this conference is to unite individuals, organizations, and young leaders to equip each in the most needed work of our modern era: educating our world to the value of human life – no matter the circumstance – and changing hearts and minds. We are welcoming individuals and organizations of all kinds who work for the abolition of aggressive violence and who support a culture of peace and life. This means members of many religions and political parties will be present to discuss the most important issues of our age. But first, we need to let people know this is happening, and get them in the doors.

Please take a look at our website:

For peace and ALL life,

“We must realize that the most important issue of our day is the neglect of the dignity of human life. Those on all sides of the political spectrum, and from all angles of belief and religion should be able to put down their arms and join together on these issues.” 

-LMJ mission statement –

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