Another Praise Report! Plus Prayer Requests. And a chance to do a Work of Mercy

Another Praise Report! Plus Prayer Requests. And a chance to do a Work of Mercy August 15, 2013

A reader writes about a boy we prayed for last week:

Below is an update on our friends’ brother who is recovering from a head injury suffered in a bike accident a few weeks ago. Please continue to keep him in prayer. Thank you!

“In cases like David’s, they say people will make improvements daily. It was commented today that David is making improvements hourly – especially with his physical movements. Today he walked and shuffled a soccer ball outside by himself (with therapists on either side). He figured out how to get out of his netted safety bed and was caught this morning trying to get himself into his wheelchair. He is now on a regular diet. He is talking more but often doesn’t make sense. The therapist believes David knows what he wants to say but can’t find the words. It sounded like he kind of knew ‘when’ it was but still can’t answer ‘where’ he is even when given multiple choice. David’s therapy team are working hard with him all throughout the day on a myriad of tasks and skills, and they think he will be ready to get out of the hospital in a couple weeks. This is all just awesome. David is in good hands. As we continue to see where David is going mentally, Jesus, I trust in You.”

Father, thank you for the healing we have seen so far and continue to bring him to full health of body, mind, soul, and spirit through Christ our Lord. Mother Mary, pray for David and his family!

Another reader writes:

Mark, I ask you to ask your readers to pray fora family in Cleveland with a baby that has had such health conditions that she has yet to leave the hospital after five months. Additionally, they moved here just a month before the baby was born and thus have no structural support as they cope with the demands of a young child at home, a baby they cannot take home, and the challenges of everyday life. I’ve told as much as I feel comfortable revealing, but if there are people who live in Cleveland and wish to perform a corporeal act of mercy, I will forward their names to the person trying to coordinate assistance for them.

Father, heal this child completely and help the baby and the family come to be saints in your kingdom to the glory of your Name. And of your Providence, provide for their needs. Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for them. We ask all this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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