Just Because We Aren’t Even Sure Who is Using Chemical Weapons in Syria…

Just Because We Aren’t Even Sure Who is Using Chemical Weapons in Syria… August 29, 2013

doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do something rash, stupid, and futile. Something must done. Bombing is something! Therefore we must bomb one or both sides in the hope of killing somebody bad! How can you just *sit* there when people we aren’t killing are dying?

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  • OldWorldSwine

    To apply Nancy Pelosi’s logic, “We have to retaliate so we can FIND OUT who did it”.

  • kirthigdon

    Thank God for the British parliament! Now that’s a phrase I never thought I’d think, utter, or write, but they voted down Cameron’s war resolution and he decided to go along with them rather than with BHO. Now if the US Congress can just follow the Brits’ good example we may yet be spared yet another plunge into war.
    Kirt Higdon

  • Mike the Geek

    The last time I checked, the purpose of the military was to kill our enemies and break their stuff. Syria hasn’t done anything to us lately (I think the bombing of the Marine barracks back on the 80’s is a little too far in the past). Why are Democratslibs so loathe to blow up our foes and so eager to expend wealth and lives to blow up things that have nothing to do with us?

    • The Deuce

      Because we need something to get the economy/Lewinsky/Hillarycare/Obamacare/IRS/Benghazi out of the news, and if Clinton/Obama doesn’t bomb *something* now and then, that’ll just confirm people’s suspicions that liberals are wimpy!

    • kenofken

      Because we are an empire, and in empires, war is its own justification.

  • Scott W.

    And in an notable twist, the O is contemplating going in unilaterally.

  • Lorenz

    Peter Hitchens gives a well-balanced account of this planned and manufactured attack on Syria:


    The enthusiasm of Western governments for democracy and street protest faded and faltered in Bahrain, where a nascent uprising was crushed with cruelty and torture. This behavior went largely unreproved by Washington, Paris, and London, and by the BBC, which had given uncritical, even encouraging, coverage to the Arab Spasm elsewhere.

    It is in Saudi Arabia that I think we may look for one of the keys to explaining the selective enthusiasms of the “West.” Saudi Arabia is closely linked to Washington and London by oil, money, and weapons. In most of the Arab revolutions, the rulers who fell were enemies of Saudi Arabia, whereas Bahrain’s Sunni government is a close ally. Syria is especially loathed in Riyadh because its heretical Alawite rulers are friends of Shia Iran and of Shia Hezbollah. Increasingly, the Sunni-Shia divide is becoming more important in the Middle East than the Israeli-Arab conflict.

  • Mark, you say things so perfectly sometimes.