Haw Haw! Crazy Redneck Bible Thumper Gets Tased! is pretty much the subtext…

Haw Haw! Crazy Redneck Bible Thumper Gets Tased! is pretty much the subtext… September 10, 2013

of this article. Definitely one of those “Life’s Wacky Moments” sort of pieces.

That’s because Our Vigilant Media, particularly when it comes to Police State Abuse, like to pull their punches when the victim is a Christian, and especially a Southerner.

So, for instance, the headline doesn’t read “Brain-Damaged Car Accident Victim with Huntington’s Chorea Brutally and Unnecessarily Pepper-Sprayed and Tased and Humiliated in Front of Friends and Family by Jackbooted Thug Drunk on Power”, which would be a much more accurate description of what occurred (which you discover as you read the comboxes).

As our Police State grows, it tends more and more to select for these sort of people to swing the truncheons and keep the subject population in line. People who, you know, get off, on making the weak crawl. Sure they get a little out of line sometimes when they shoot 107 year old menaces to society, or stand on the oxygen hose of a bedridden 86 year old, taser her, and brutalize her grandson for trying to protect her. But they do the job of keeping the untermenschen in line when the limousines need a clear route from the G-8 meeting to the airport after the Ruling Class have decided our fates.

The sure and certain corrolary of a return to a pagan society is the return of slavery. It’s the natural state of fallen man and occurred absolutely everywhere under the gospel, after a labor of centuries, extirpated it. As Christianity recedes, it will return as surely as the sun rises.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    Slavery seems to have already started. Just before turning to this blog, I had been reading something about unpaid interns in my usual news site (cbc.ca) and many of the comments actually mentioned such unpaid work as being slavery…

    • PalaceGuard

      It’s only slavery if the servitude is involuntary, y’know! (Which neatly falls into place with the culture’s belief that Consent makes anything permissible. Together with it’s corollary, “She would’ve consented if she hadn’t been out cold!”)

      • Please describe the difference between unpaid volunteer work and voluntary servitude. Other than an internship fitting better on a resume, I’m having a bit of trouble seeing the difference.

        That’s neither here nor there on the original post, I’m just trying to reign in the unjustified outrage.

  • wlinden

    If she had been black, it would have been a different tune. We never heard of what the police were “forced” to do to Rodney King.

    • jroberts548

      Since Rodney King is apparently the only African-American whom the police killed for no reason.

      If you sincerely think that there’s more scrutiny placed on police abuse against African-Americans than against whites, you’re either a huge racist or you haven’t been paying attention.

      • wlinden

        King has been pretty active for a dead man.

        And you say *I* haven’t been paying attention.

        • Andy, Bad Person

          King is dead, but he wasn’t killed by the police. Ruthless abuse of power, yes. Murder, no.

  • jaybird1951

    Did you read the account of the 107 year-old’s shoot out with the police? He appears to have been the aggressor and a dangerous one, whatever his age. Maybe the cops are lying but you do not know that anymore than the rest of us do. You appear to have shot from the hip again.

    • Andy, Bad Person

      If by “aggressor” and “dangerous one,” you mean “man locking himself in his own house with a gun,” then yes, you are right. There was no need to shoot him to render him harmless. A simple 6 hour wait and they could have gone in and cuffed a man who was asleep.

    • Michelle

      The hostages had been released and were safe.* So, what did the police do? They approached the man, without negotiated agreement, provoking him to take a shot. Then they released gas, which provoked him to take another shot. Once he’s shot twice, after serious provocation and without any need to do so, SWAT decided it was justified in killing the man. I firmly believe that the police decided that they didn’t need to “waste” any more time talking a 107-year-old man into surrendering peacefully once the Useful and Productive People were rescued, and that’s why they conveniently created a situation in which they could plausibly claim they were justified killing him.

      *BTW, it’s unclear that the “hostages” were really hostages. They merely claimed the man “threatened” them with a gun, but evidently he made no effort to keep them from leaving when the police told them to exit the building.