Pronoun Trouble

Pronoun Trouble September 10, 2013

is under discussion over at the Register, concerning the parsing of our language about homosexuality.

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  • Steve

    Oh, I thought this post would be about a different phenomenon. Apparently as we devolve into our gender-neutral dystopia, it is now appropriate to ask people what their, “Preferred Gender Pronoun” is.

  • CS

    I think your letter writer is correct about it being a matter for “evangelization” but I remain committed to my opinion that non-SSA people should generally stay out of public declarations of what folks who are SSA should and shouldn’t *call* themselves. I think we all need to stay committed to resisting *in every way* the distressing and all-affecting current narrative that makes people definable/classifiable/quantifiable according to certain characteristics of body or personality.

    It is far easier to fixate on the sex lives and orthodoxy of real or imagined gay men and women, than to examine one’s own regular efforts at identifying and combating materialism wherever it rears its head in one’s own life. Which, if you live in the US and go outside of your home or consume any media, is going to be daily.

    • Sus_1

      Great comment!