Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests September 7, 2013

A reader writes:

whilst the whole Church is praying and fasting for peace, can I please ask your readers to add to the prayers my uncle Nino who has been missing since Tuesday 3rd September. He is 85 years old and we are all worried sick about him. May God send his Angels to bring him home to us  or to Him.

Father, help them to find uncle Nino safe and sound and return him to those who love him.  We ask this through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, pray for Nino and all who love him.

Another reader writes:

praise the Lord
i loved one girl from fore year.. we both r teachers and same cast.. we are far relatives thats why her mother had bitten to her and made us separate… i didn’t get what to do so i prayed to jesus…. her mother made engagement with someone and he got to know our matter and he left…. so again my girl did contact and said that all r agree in her home bt her mother only forcing her to marry with someone otherwise she ll die…. so my girl get scare about this and daily crying only… she cant come out becouse of her house respect and her small sister future matter so she is sacrificed everything and now again her mother forced her to marry with another person and already decided that this month end engagement and December marriage and what happened i dnt knw.. my girl agreed for this marriage…. bt we both r loving so madly. we had one dream that we should build own house and after that we should go to our parents to agree for our marriage so same as she wish i brought one site and i built one house.. last week only it got finish…. bt now her mother made this much wrong with me….. plz pray for me i was poor bt i made struggle in my life day and night and i done what want and i helped my girl and her parents in their needy time… i gave education to  her sister… i gave everything behind their eyes…. but now all r cheating me so plz pray for me i cant live without her and she also…. day by day she is dying herself… plz pray for us….. may jesus show them truthful life and make miracle…. may jesus dnt let them to do cheat with me….

Father, hear our prayer that your perfect will be done in this relationship through Christ our Lord.  Mother Mary, pray for thesse people.

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