My Conversation with a Fearful Catholic

My Conversation with a Fearful Catholic October 30, 2013

is what’s happening over at the Register today.  Somebody wrote me because of somebody with a web cam claiming that Heaven told her JPII is in hell and wanted to know what I thought.  That got the ball rolling.

"A bold claim, please point out what I've said that's false."

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  • wlinden

    How long have people in Hell been asking what you thought?

    • Dan

      It’s the grammar police!

      But why do you infer that the person with the webcam had an accurate vision? (Two can play the literalist game =P)

      • wlinden

        Well, he is the dark lord!

        In case you are in any doubt, I think the notion that Giampaolo Segundo is in Hell is the stupidest thing I ever heard.

        Now, if you keep making a fuss, I will have to send the killer koalas in to eat, shoot, and leave.

  • John Yochum

    Mark, this is where you shine..grounded by church teachings and explaining things patiently and completely… now, about your political presentation… 🙂