The Moral Disintegration of the President

The Moral Disintegration of the President October 30, 2013

It turns out that if you have no qualms about murdering newborn babies, it can lead step by step to murdering innocent civilians, spying on innocent people all over the world and even lying about citizens losing their health insurance.  Left unchecked, this sort of moral disintegration can lead to jaywalking, fibbing, and even cheating at cards.

It’s a good thing our media are vigilant watchdogs against evil in high places.

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If Isaiah were writing today

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  • AquinasMan

    The federal government is hurtling toward wholesale illegitimacy. We’re just riding this thing down now.

  • meunke

    I wasn’t able to keep up with this train wreck with all I have going on. What kind of support does this piece of garbage law still have in the USCCB? Anyone know?

    • Andy, Bad Person

      I believe the USCCB supports, in principal, the goal of healthcare reform and healthcare as a human right. I do not believe they have ever supported Obamacare in its current incarnation.

      • meunke

        That’s what I had thought.

        In spite of that I have lost count of the times I’ve been chided as not being Christlike for being against the Affordable Care Act. Apparently by that thinking Christ is all about destroying what affordable healthcare there was, making it unaffordable for MORE people, and sinking all of us into massive debt since we have no way to actually pay for it.

        The assumption on their part I guess is that Jesus is too dumb to do math?

        • Kristen inDallas

          lol’d at the “too dumb to do math”… May have to recycle that one. 🙂

        • AquinasMan

          As pointed out today, the goal of ACA was to insure the uninsured. Turn out it un-insures the insured.

          • Stu

            I think the goal was to make insurance affordable for the insurance companies.

          • The Deuce

            Well, that was the STATED goal. The actual goal was to do exactly what they’re doing.

            • HornOrSilk

              Conspiracy theories of “actual goals” are absurd. It would be like I said your “actual goal” on here was to spread BS.

        • The Deuce

          Leftists aren’t able to grasp the concept that you disagree with them because you can do math and they can’t. The way they see it, you have the same innumerate beliefs they do, and therefore the only reason you could possibly oppose them is that you’re a mean, horrible person who doesn’t want the poor to have health care. All that “math” and “reality” and “laws of economics” stuff you speak of is to be dismissed as so much rubbish and false consciousness on your part.

      • said she

        Far, far too many people believe the fallacy that it’s either Obamacare or nothing-therefore-you-are-heartless. When did that kind of binary thinking invade and shut out any actual thinking? And how do we get back to being able to say “no, neither – try again”?

      • Dave G.

        From the articles I’ve been shown by folks saying that the Bishops didn’t support Obamacare, it appears they supported Obama’s desire to provide healthcare before and after it was proposed, as long as there was not a mandate forcing agencies or individuals to violate their rights relative to things like abortion and contraceptives. Which could be seen as giving at least implied support if nothing else.

  • JM1001
  • Mike the Geek

    Bad choice of words. “Disintegration” implies that there was some integrity in the first place.