Urgent Prayer Request

Urgent Prayer Request October 5, 2013

Fr. Jim Erving needs our prayers badly. His sister writes:

Mark, this is Liz Gonzalez, Fr Jim Erving’s sister in Roma TX. I am writing to ask for your very seriously powerful prayers for my brother. He started to not feel well just last Sunday, blanking out for a while during all of his homilies and having some arm tremors. Went to family doctor Monday. MRI Tuesday, results Wednesday evening. He has a frontal lobe brain tumor, golf ball sized, about 1 1/2 inches deep. Seizures have gotten progressively worse during this week. He has been admitted in McAllen for surgery, which will probably be Tuesday. Please pray pray pray Mark. Thank you. God bless.

Father, hear our prayer for Fr. Jim’s complete healing from this tumor, that he may return to his vital work among your people and bring glory to your Name for many years to come. Give his caregivers grace, compassion, wisdom, knowledge, skill, and the proper technology to assist in his healing. Give him, his parish, his family and all who love him your grace, peace, strength, consolation, faith, hope and love. And may all his sufferings and the sufferings of those who love him go toward building up the body of Christ in union with our Lord Jesus, crucified and risen. Mother Mary, St. Luke, and St. Peregrine, pray for him. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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