Urgent Prayer Request…

Urgent Prayer Request… November 17, 2013

…for a profoundly depressed wife and mother who is contemplating suicide, that she would find healing and deliverance.

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  • Clare Krishan

    Praying in PA – just returned from takin’ in the afternoon matinee 2D performance of Gravity


    May any and all cosmically-isolated Momas in need of their very own ‘Matt Kowalsky’ moment, encounter the grace of perserverence and discard whatever lead-boot-suits are holding them down


  • jearth

    I came here today by chance. I never asked for this request but it is me all over. That our sufferings are shared has given me resolve. Thanks so much.

  • Dave G.

    Praying and will get the family on it.

  • REM

    Just said a prayer.

  • Maria Rose

    Our family is praying, may she feel God’s presence.

  • PeonyMoss


  • Mark S.

    Praying that she may receive the light in the midst of her darkness…

  • WonderBroad

    Prayers for healing! Prayers for deliverance. O Lord, have mercy on her and pour your Spirit upon her!

  • said she

    Praying to Mother Mary and St. Dymphna for this poor woman. There but for the grace of God…

  • jeff

    Sub tuum said.

  • Unknown

    Pray my brother doesn’t give half of the money I gave him yesterday as a gift and he will appreciate my Mom & I. Pray he and his sons will quit feeling so sorry for this pathetic woman, who doesn’t appreciated anyone. Pray she will be put in a mental hospital where she belongs. It is time my brother gets on with his life, he has babysat and taken care of this woman for 24 yrs. All she does is take meds irresponsibly and drink smoke, and use people in our family especially me. Pray my brothers and their families will come here for Christmas without her, as she is mean and rude. Pray her middle son, who she controls will break free from her. She has him doing her dirty work, like calling his daughter mother & her mother and calling the childrens aide. Pray my Nefew will finally have enough of his mothers desception.

  • Unknown

    Pray I will be able to buy new furniture and have enough money left over. Pray a miracle will not loose any of my money I earned from an accident. Pray I will have a miracle of extra money. I wanted to help out my family, espcecially my mom and daughter. I love them and they love me. Pray for us all to always be close. My family means the world to me. Pray one day my Mom and I will own some property. pray I will never get back into debt. Amen

  • medi ann volpe


  • margret

    pray for phoebe birungi may God give her wisdom, may she stop being greedy and share the gratuity money and pension with her co-wife.may the committee make her understand that she is not the wedded wife but they did her a favor to give money..pray that God intervene and humble phoebe.

  • Ryan

    Please pray that I will stop having panic attacks and overcome my addictions. Thank you, Ryan