Another Chance to Do a Work of Mercy

Another Chance to Do a Work of Mercy December 20, 2013

A reader (who you guys helped a year or so ago) writes on behalf of a friend in a desperate situation:


This is the nephew of a woman I know. This young couple and their three children are homeless, camping out with family, looking for work. Now their van has been totaled, leaving them without the means to better their situation. They are asking for just enough money to replace their vehicle.

Their story touched me especially because they just sound like regular, struggling, flawed people, now living in that awful hole where every move to get out just seems to be countered by some new blow.

Sometimes we’re tempted to make distinctions between the ‘deserving poor’ and, you know, all those other shmucks who deserve what they are getting. But honestly, we all deserve less than we receive. That’s the nature of sin, and the nature of mercy: we don’t get what we deserve. We get Christ.

So, here’s a chance to be Christ’s hands.

I know the kind of generousity and compassion your readers are capable of. It’s inspired me to find ways to give from what I have, even when I don’t have much. I hope this family can experience that as well.

Please go help however  you can.  God love you! You guys amaze me!

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