Duck Dynasty Headlines–Translated

Duck Dynasty Headlines–Translated December 19, 2013

OR, more accurately

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  • The Deuce

    They’ve already got an offer, and it may be just what BlazeTV needs to “foxnews” A&E and other networks:

  • George

    No idea who this guy was until today. It’s so nice not owning a television. It’s a bit weird the first few weeks (you know that weird period where your brain has to remember how to think for itself) but afterwards no TV is just a joy!

    • The Next to Last Samurai

      I own a TV but we cut off our cable some time ago, because, as the great philosopher Springsteen noted, there were “57 channels and nothing on.”. And when I saw the duck guy’s picture, I thought, ZZ Top has a TV show about DUCKS?!?!? What the duck–?”

    • IRVCath

      Right. Not owning television gives me a different perspective on the world. Even now when I have access to TV it’s different than before.

    • meunke


      I don’t have TV either, and when I first heard the term ‘Duck Dynasty’ a while back, I thought it was some kind of reference to a fictional show that might have existed in the cartoon universe of “Duck Tails”.

  • Melia

    I enjoyed that. Thank you!

  • Adolfo

    Great stuff!

  • Cate

    My question is: who at A&E lost their job for not properly vetting the interview questions? Because you KNOW there was someone getting paid to avoid this very scenario…..

  • jaybird1951

    Mark disparages the Fox News “demographic” which I guess means he has something against us senior citizens as the 65+ segment is the channel’s largest. As a member of that cohort and a citizen very interested in public affairs, I think Fox’s viewers are more involved and deserve more respect. I also do not know how Mark can know so much about Fox and its audience when he never watches TV anyway.