TX Court Says Search Warrants Can be Based on “Future Crime”

TX Court Says Search Warrants Can be Based on “Future Crime” December 19, 2013

Good. It’s so wearying for the police state to have to wait around for you to do something wrong when they can just start busting you on hunches that you might do something wrong. The tedious search for just cause is a real drag on Caesar’s deep longing for ruthless efficiency. I suspect “future crime” is this judge’s sci fi talk for “Looks like a Mexican. Do a cavity search.”

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    I suspect you’re right. People allow this because they assume that the innocent have nothing to worry about. When police are looking though, they can find a crime anywhere. There are quite a few old laws on the books that people might be surprised to discover if authorities start to blow the dust off them.

    • Procopius

      Cardinal Richelieu once Said “Give me six lines written by the most honest man in France, and I’ll find something to hang him with”

  • On behalf of Texans everywhere, I apologize,

  • AquinasMan

    Google-Cop will be at your door, shortly. Please open your door before the claw does too much damage.

  • quasimodo

    i missed the “Mexican” concoction in the story

    • quasimodo


  • Stu

    Can we apply this to politicians now?

    • Andy

      I pray so.

  • Elmwood

    Give Texas back to Mexico please.

  • Bobby Lawndale

    Both the possession of the controlled substances at issue and the intent to manufacture crystal meth with those substances are crimes, not “future” crimes. Perhaps if people actually read more than just stupidly inaccurate headlines they would have have fewer opportunities for self-righteous bloviating.

  • UAWildcatx2

    I’d rather not see what the precogs look like.

    • Diana

      I see I’m not the only one who immediately went there.

  • FerosFerio

    I was right there with you until the “Looks like a Mexican” crack. I’d be willing to wager that “Michael Fred Wehrenberg” doesn’t “look like a Mexican.” Did you forget to read the article, or was that just too good a line to pass up regardless of the facts? Baselessly attributing racial malice to someone is no less uncharitable than racially-motivated malice itself.