Another Rock Solid Endorsement for “The Principle”

Another Rock Solid Endorsement for “The Principle” January 15, 2014

Reader Jim Condit, Jr writes in my comboxes:

What are these panicked attacks on The Principle Movie? If it is that absurd, it will fall on its own. The Trailer (we use to call it a preview!) looks great, and it looks like a thought-provoking movie. Don’t most people need to consider that the earth is a very special place that supports life — unlike every other place and planet we know of in the universe? Mark Shea, who wrote the article above seems more interested in defending the diabolical modern Talmudic Jewish establishment — than in defending Catholicism. Mark, you are unaware that the Talmud says Jesus dies five deaths everyday in Hell? You are unaware that the Jewish Lobby (AIPAC and allies) control Congress with an iron fist? that the Jewish network controls every major TV and radio station, all big city daily newspapers in the USA? That every Federal Reserve Chairman since 1970 has been Jewish? 3% of the population leads “our” nation’s money-issuing entity 100% of the time since 1970? that there were not even six million Jews in Europe during WW II, and that the existing of homicidal gas chambers have already been disproven (German soldiers could not have gotten the bodies in and out at thousands a day without dying themselves?) You are unaware that Nazism was itself a creation of, and funded by, the top Jewish bankers? to round up the everyday Jews and force them to Palestine for the planned takeover of that poor country, which happened in 1948? Please get a grip, my brainwashed friend.

Also, in “FDR: My Exploited Father-in Law”, author Curtis B. Dall says that the Roosevelt family were a Jewish descended family which was called the Rosenfelds in Holland. FDR claimed to be an Episcopalian, which may have been true, or may have been the kind of religious cover many Jews used even up to today. Either way, Roosevelt was somewhat racially Jewish, which would explain his packing the government with Jews once he took office. — Michael Collins Piper’s book, “Final Judgment” — makes a strong case that the Mossad was the moving force behind the JFK assassination, because JFK was absolutely denying Israel the nuclear bomb. This is also advanced in Gary Wean’s book, “There’s a Fish in the Courthouse”. Wean was movie star Audie Murphy’s body guard, and a detective with the LAPD, after serving as a beat cop for many years.

May I say that it is very impressive that Mr. Condit is able to type so well while rolling those little steel balls in his hand and may I remark again on how very very smart it is for Church Militant TV to choose to promote this film and its creators in order to help mainstream purveyors of this kind of thinking. I certainly encourage this very very smart move on the part of Church Militant TV and hope that both the bishops of the Church and, soon, Rome itself will finally see the light and give them and their message the full acknowledgement and reward they have so long neglected to accord it.

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