Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God January 1, 2014

And, in honor of my Mother on her Feast Day, here’s a little Sheaving.

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  • Paxton Reis

    Happy New Years, and Peace to our families, our communities, and our nations.

  • Michael J. Corrigan

    Today is New Year’s Day. Believe it or not, in the Catholic world, today is a also a “Solemnity,” the Solemnity of Mary. A Solemnity is a holy day where practicing Catholics are required to attend Mass regardless of the day of the week …it is; and to otherwise conduct their spiritual lives in a tone as if it were a Sunday.

    Attending Mass the morning after New Year’s Eve seems to make little sense; but I chose to attend 9 AM Mass because the other masses in my neighborhood parish will have been in either English/Spanish, or Polish. I was out of town for several days; and I was fortunate enough to arrive home before the current snow storm made travel extremely treacherous. (I also had only 1 1/2 drinks last night. Hahahaha!)

    The snow has been intermittent all night; and it will continue into this evening. Even though it is snowing hard, with a temperature of about 12`F, and with six inches already on unplowed and unsalted streets and roads, this morning the church was amazingly filled. And a newly assigned parish priest, who like the pastor is also from Poland, gave a well-prepared, beautiful, and theologically lucid homily – in almost totally unaccented English – on the significance of Mary in Christian spirituality. This actually made getting up and out at 9:30 AM kind of worth it. I said “kind of” because I’m not some crazy church lady. Hahahaha!

    Afterwards, I went to Caputo’s Market and got some groceries because I am staying inside the rest of the day. It is a snowy, wintery day fit for neither man nor beast, unless of course, you happen to live in Duluth.

    When I went to the internet news this morning, the headlines were about the weather – not about our own snow storm, but about the storm we have now which is about to hit the East Coast tomorrow. I guess if you do not live on the East Coast, you amount to chopped liver with the weather sensationalists in the media! Hahahaha!

    Happy New Year to everyone.