Gay Agitprop…

Gay Agitprop… February 25, 2014

is a huge tissue of lies that get repeated because they are useful lies.

In addition to concocting hoaxes in which gay people say horrible things about themselves in order to elicit sympathy for themselves and focus public hatred on non-existent people or viciously maligned innocents, the other curious habit of gay agitprop masters is their strange tendency to attack people for being gay. So we had Andrew Sullivan constantly claiming that Benedict XVI was gay as though that was, you know, a bad thing and you get the repulsive spectacle of Dan Savage, the apostle of the Anti-Bullying Movement, bullying a bunch of Christian high school kids and calling them “pansy asses” for refusing to sit there and take it on the chin from him.

The weird pattern of self-loathing that gets projected on to others by gay bullies is a spectacle to behold.

Oh, and look! Here is another story of “persecution” that does not pass the smell test.

Sorry, but after this lie

and this

and this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this

And this

…I feel no particular obligation to instantly credit the story that Simcha Fisher very rightly doubts.

Violence against gay people is evil–rather like violence against the unborn is evil. No doubt gays who do this stuff tell themselves they are morally indistinguishable from people who hid persecuted homosexuals from the Gestapo (that beloved excuse all liars deploy to turn the sin of lying into a shining virtue). But still and all, fighting the evil of violence by lying is the absolute surest way of making sure that people will assume that, whatever you say, you are a liar and should be tuned out and ignored.

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  • Marthe Lépine

    Mark,I have a problem with your links tonight – this is the 3rd time in less than an hour that I try to follow a link you have been including in tonight’s post and am faced with a notice that I cannot have access unless I pay something (actually, one of those 3 times I could manage to read the content, but it was very difficult as most of the text was blocked). As I said earlier, I do not have that kind of money, and I would appreciate it if you could verify that a link is accessible to most readers before you put it in your blog…

    • In defense of Mark, if you’ve got your cookies set, you are not confronted with any requests for payment and may not even notice that something is behind a paywall. What you’re asking for might be harder than you think.

      On the bright side, sometimes you can search for an article title on google and get past a paywall by entering from there. The Wall Street Journal operates like that for a good deal of its content.

  • Melinda Selmys

    Unfortunately, attention seekers are much more likely to go to the police with a hate crime than people who are actually victims of them. I know two gay men and one trans woman who have been the victims of real hate crimes (one was severely beaten, one roughed up and called names and the other threatened with death, specifically for their sexuality) and none of them reported it. Most of the time when people are publicly shamed and bullied they try to hide it, because at least some of the shame gets internalized, and also there’s a fear that if you draw attention to yourself you’ll invite more harassment.

    • kenofken

      So crime victims who have the courage to seek justice and report their crimes are almost certainly liars and attention seekers? I’d hate to imagine how this attitude could be used against women reporting domestic violence or sexual assault, or against victims of clergy abuse. Oh yeah…..nevermind.

      • Andy, Bad Person

        Ding ding ding! The Magic Number (of posts about sexual ethics before someone mentions the abuse crisis) today is…


      • chezami

        That was a nifty sleight of hand but, of course, was not at all what she said. It’s tough, I realize, to face that fact that there are lots of people in the gay community willing to lie and countenance lies and that this makes reportage of crimes against gays more complicated. But the fact remains that gay activists deploy lies and fraud a lot in order to gain pity for themselves and that the biggest victims of this are real victims of crime. Instead of beating up and twisitng the words Selmys (who is gay) for pointing out this obvious fact you should deal with the fact that she is perfectly right and is not calling real victims liars. Sheesh.

      • Alma Peregrina

        Congratulations for that smooth “Oh yeah… nevermind”. I was a little tongue in cheek about Melinda’s comment (partly because of the reasons you exposed), but you made me put a “like” in it. Hope you’re satisfied.

      • The Deuce

        Well now, there’s that customary level of intellectual honesty I know we’ve all come to rely on kenofken for.