Atheist Stupid Pet Tricks

Atheist Stupid Pet Tricks March 14, 2014

As night follows day, when you try to point out that, wrong as the burning of Giordano Bruno (or any other heretic) was, there is no Catholic “War on Science” and he was not a martyr in that fictional war, the atheist brigade shows up to change the subject and shout “O the humanity!  Medievals believed in thoughtcrime!  Medievals used the death penalty!”

Mhm.  Of course, moderns don’t believe in thoughtcrime, which is why nobody would ever suggest jailing people who don’t buy consensus science today, as happened with Galileo, Martyr in the War on Science.

And when it comes to racking up a body count for thoughtcrime, medievals are pikers compared to the Himalaya range of corpses racked up by atheists.

To be super clear, I don’t defend the burning of Bruno.  I oppose the death penalty.  But science programs are not supposed to be about medieval standards of jurisprudence.  They are supposed to be about science.  Bruno was not a casualty in the Church’s War on Science because there never was a War on Science.  The “War on Science” is a founding creation myth of 18th and 19th century atheistic materialism magicked up in order to provide the rationale for making materialism an All Explaining Theory of Everything.  The stupid pet trick consists of claiming that if you reject materialism (“The cosmos is all there is, or ever was, or ever will be”) you are therefore “anti-science”.  This is rubbish.  The Catholic faith not only supports the natural sciences, it gave birth to them, as honest atheists like Tim O’Neill point out.

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