Ah! Earth Day!

Ah! Earth Day! April 22, 2014

A time for lefties to mouth empty pieties about environmentalism like C&E Catholics mumbling their way through the Mass mom dragged them to and a day for right wingers to irrationally cheer for wanton environmental destruction out of sheer spite and tribal contempt.

Healthy approach: Take seriously our God-given task of caring for creation. The earth is not our mother. She’s our sister. We were both made by the same God. She’s not to be worshipped, but neither is she to be raped. Thank God for her.

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  • Alexander S Anderson

    I have it on good authority that Earth Day is an appropriated pagan holiday.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Maybe, but there is nothing wrong with using this so-called (because I don’t know if you are right or wrong about this) pagan holiday as a reminder of our duty to respect God’s creation.

      • Now who doesn’t have a sense of humor? 😉 Alexander S Anderson’s post was pure tongue-in-cheek.

        • Rosemarie


          I figured it was tongue-and-cheek.

          Earth Day was actually begun by politicians and activists in 1970. Not religious at all in its origins. It’s not an official Wiccan or Neo-pagan holiday as such, either, despite the fact that they are nature-centered religions and generally see the earth as a manifestation of their goddess. (Some Neo-pagans might celebrate it privately, applying personal religious significance to it, but it’s not one of the sabbats or esbats.)

          So it’s pretty secular. I don’t have a problem with it.

      • Alexander S Anderson

        My “good authority” may or may not be Chick Tracts.

    • Alexander S Anderson

      Yes, it was probably based off of the festivals worshipping Ishtar, the Egyptian goddess of recycling and carbon footprints.

  • Dave G.

    I don’t know many Catholics who display either of these extremes. Lucky me I guess.

    • Marthe Lépine

      Don’t you have a sense of humor? Exaggeration can be a literary device, you know.

      • Dave G.

        From the above statements, it appears it wasn’t meant to be humorous or exaggeration. I’m sure there are extremes on both sides. I just don’t know many.

    • I don’t know many Catholics who display either of these extremes.

      I do. I totally know “conservative” Catholics who go overboard in their contempt for Lefties to the point of doing exactly what Mark accuses them of. It’s not even much of an exaggeration, even.

      • chezami

        What occasioned my remark was a post, from a priest no less, urging us to get out there and pollute, wantonly cut down some trees, and generally wreak environment damage just to piss off a liberal. You run across that stuff every Earth Day.

      • Dave G.

        Could such be, as Marthe below suggests, exaggeration? I mean, I’m sure there are some. But that example below, of a priest saying ‘go pollute to piss off a liberal’, could it be simply over the top (if not tasteless) rhetoric not altogether uncommon in our day? I mean, I can’t remember anyone – not even Limbaugh (of ‘every tree cut down to make something useful is a good tree’ fame) saying ‘go pollute.’ ‘Go wreak the environment.’ Maybe. It is the Internet age, and that hasn’t done much for dialogue. But even so, the vast majority I know – Catholic, Protestant, non-Christian, liberal, conservative – have never gone that far either way. Perhaps I don’t spend enough time on the Internet.

        • What gets me most about those sorts of posts, however tongue-in-cheek they may be in themselves, is that they represent and reinforce the widely-held attitude that caring for the environment is “lefty” and therefore not something that “conservatives” should place much stock in, to the point that, when these “conservatives” are involved in public decisions, whether in the boardroom or the ballot box, they actively discount environmental concerns as “un-conservative” and vote accordingly. Every one of those decisions – each by a “conservative” Catholic – makes Baby Galadriel cry.

          • Dave G.

            To be honest – and this probably breaks with the popular narrative – most conservatives I knew growing up actually had an appreciation for the environment, or at least for nature as they would say. Perhaps younger ones, having seen the radical extremes, including the growing popularity of ‘there are just too many people and that hurts the planet, we must do something about it’, may be rebelling. But I often felt that those younger liberals I knew, who venerated the environment, always seemed to have less of an appreciation for the real thing than the conservatives I knew. But again, it’s the Internet, so what are you going to do?

            • Actually, I’ve noticed a weird inconsistency in how “conservatives” speak of the environment. When they’re not playing the political game, they can be appreciative and acknowledge the importance of being good stewards, etc. It just seems like more and more the older “conservatives” are being taught to play the political game all the time.

              • Dave G.

                I don’t know. I wonder, sometimes, if they aren’t reacting against the radical environmentalists, earth first, thin the humans viewpoint, while understanding their own appreciation for nature isn’t their reactions. Again, growing up, it was the liberal children of the counter culture who didn’t think twice about tossing a wrapper on the ground, while the turning around and condemning pollution and deforestation. While those I knew who opposed the politicization of nature, might at times go overboard in their opposition to the frighting results of radical environmentalism, but would never actually do the things they sometimes say (sort of the kid who says yes to Dad, but doesn’t do it, and the one who says no, but then does it).

                But then I sometimes wonder just how useful the whole conservative/liberal division actually is for figuring things like this in the first place.

  • JM1001

    The earth is not our mother. She’s our sister. We were both made by the
    same God. She’s not to be worshipped, but neither is she to be raped.

    Unless you want her (and nature more generally) to give up her secrets for the sake of Science(tm) and Progress(tm). So sayeth the Bacon:

    “I am come in very truth leading to you nature with all her children to bind her to your service and make her your slave.”
    — Francis Bacon, The Masculine Birth of Time

    • Alexander S Anderson


  • Canticle

    Laudato si, mi Signore, per sora nostra matre Terra,

  • kpm

    I was at 1st Earth Day at Belmont Plateau in Philly’s Fairmount Park… Theme Global Cooling… Sub Theme Jacque Cousteau on danger by 1988 of all oceans waters to turn to Molasses. Later went to another Earth Day 2006 theme Global Warming.. sub Theme Arctic Polar Ice Caps will be 100% melted by 2013 per environmentalist Al Gore.

  • B.E. Ward

    Every day should be Earth Day.. and People Day.. and Animal Day..

    • Alma Peregrina

      And Day Day…