Liars for Jesus, Part Deux

Liars for Jesus, Part Deux April 10, 2014

The sheer quantity of baloney coming from the Makers of “The Principle” continues to multiply exponentially. Raw Story got in contact with Rick Delano, “who said the film is not about geocentrism. Rather, it questions the Copernican Principle . . .”

Mhm. And DeLano also says

any film about the Copernican Principle that does not involve an examination of geocentrism is a fatally flawed film. Our [sic] is not so flawed.

This, little children, is why lying for Jesus is bad.

"There are more poor whites and Hispanics than there are poor blacks."

And who can blame him?
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And who can blame him?
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And who can blame him?
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And who can blame him?

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